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Keitech Easy Shiner 8 inch Soft Paddle Tail Swimbait

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8" Easy Shiner 2 pack


  • The Keitech Easy Shiner 8 inch is a large soft plastic paddle tail swimbait.
  • Body design that combines the body shape of the Keitech Shad Impact and the irresistible tail action of the Keitech Swing Impact.
  • Fish just can't resist it's strong squid smell.
  • Pairs great with large swimbait hooks or heavyweight jig heads.
  • Available in 16 colors, 2 baits per pack.

The Keitech Easy Shiner 8 inch is a large soft plastic paddle tail swimbait with a body design that combines the body shape of the Keitech Shad Impact and the irresistible tail action of the Keitech Swing Impact. They're made of Keitech's special formula of salted plastics subjected to their signature two-color injection process for a perfect mix of balance and action.

Pair with a large swimbait hook, like the Owner Beast or Gamakatsu EWG Monster, or a heavyweight jig head, like a Z-Man Striper Eye or HeadlockZ HD, and you've got a monster set-up perfect for trophy largemouth, striper, bull redfish, pike, and muskie. The Easy Shiner 8 inch are packaged in blister packs to help protect the integrity of the baits. Fish just can't resist it's strong squid smell and its realistic brightness and transparency that comes in 16 different colors!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Awesome bait

The soft body combined with the tail action brings this bait to life. The profile really mimics the general size and shape of larger bait fish. Great on strippers on the Sacramento River in California.

Donnie Fisher
My PB on Ghost Rainbow

I wacky rigged a 8" Ghost Rainbow Shiner Swimbait on a 5/0 Octopus hook imitating a dying Trout and caught my PB (7 lb.) Largemouth Bass. The movement of the bait when falling through the water columns is realistic as the tail constantly moves as the bait falls. The Keitech moves the best than other swimbaits no matter the set-up.

B Robinson
The Snatcher

This bait snatches them right out of their hideouts. It’s super soft body makes it so realistic both in feel and motion that they can’t resist it. At the same time they are so fragile that I feel you should get more per pack for the price. Why is it that the best Swimbaits only get one maybe two fish per bait ?

Josh Mccracken

When it comes to swimbaits exept no substitutes. No swimming action like it. The bass go crazy over these things

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Blue Back HerringES84934560262619007
Chartreuse ShadES84844560262604324
Electric ShadES84404560262604591
Ghost Rainbow TroutES84824560262604300
Gizzard ShadES84954560262619021
Light HitchES84814560262604294
Pro Blue Red PearlES84204560262616471
Pro Blue ShinerES84764560262616440
Sexy ShadES84264560262604669
Sight FlashES84224560262609510
Smallmouth MagicES84524560262616426
Tennessee ShadES84294560262616402
Threadfin ShadES84944560262619014