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Free Shipping on United States Orders Over $59
Free Shipping on USA Orders Over $59

Megabass: Hand Made Fishing Tackle, Built to Inspire


Megabass is a high-end Japanese trophy bass fishing lure brand. In a legendary challenge, the designer and CEO of Megabass, Yuki Ito, challenged US tackle store owners and area pros to a one-on-one fishing duel. If the US angler won, Yuki had to buy the local tackle, but if Yuki won, the store sold his Megabass lures.  This "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" approach--and the fact that High-Quality Megabass consistently crushed the pros--is how Megabass boldly entered the US premium fishing tackle market. 

Discount Tackle proudly carries a wide selection of Megabass, including all US models of the legendary Ito Vision 110 Jerkbaits to get you on your next epic fish.