Product Review - Giveaway

Here at Discount Tackle we know full well how important product reviews are for our fellow anglers when it comes to deciding on the right gear. And beyond the value they provide to you directly as a customer, they also allow us to indirectly help you by making sure we are always carrying and offering the best brands and products

In fact, we care so much about product reviews that we’ve developed a review rewards giveaway program to help encourage our customers to leave product reviews on our site. So, for every month from now on, we will be randomly selecting one customer’s product review a month and giving the winner a prize pack. Prize packs are valued around $50 MSRP and will be shipped to one winner each month, free of charge. The current prize pack is Megabass.

All you have to do to enter is leave a review on one of our products you have used and tell us what you think. Your review will be automatically entered for the giveaway and you will be notified if your review was selected. Each review submitted counts as an entry. See Customer Review Guidelines for additional information.

Thank you and good luck!


How to Write a Review

To write a review: 1.) Go to the product page you would like to write the review on 2.) Scroll down the page to "Customer Reviews" 3.) Click on "Write a review" 4.) Fill out all information and select "Submit Review".



2021 Product Review Winners

January - John, Texas
May - Joseph, Connecticut
September - Will, South Carolina
February - Don, Colorado
June - Bruce, Indiana
October - Martin, Virginia
March - Ed, Illinois 
July - Robert, South Carolina
November - David, Michigan
April - Ryan, Massachusetts
August - Ashley,
December - Joe, Louisiana

2022 Product Review Winners

January - Chris, Florida
May - Brant, Georgia
September -
February - Jerod, Ohio
June - Brian, Texas
October -
March - Tyler, New York
July - Robert, Wisconsin
November - 
April - David, Indiana
August - Citha, Washington
December -