Z-Man: The Science & Art of Fishing

Z-Man and their signature ElaZtech soft plastics and ChatterBait bladed/vibrating swim jigs have been making waves in the fishing industry over the past several years. Originally known as the premium brand for silicone skirts that lure makers nationwide trusted for their bass jigs, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and other wire fishing lures, Z-Man has started to become a household name among everyday anglers too thanks to the success of the ElaZtech and ChatterBait product lines.

While the 10X Tough properties of their ElaZtech plastics are noteworthy on their own, they also have come up with some unbelievably effective soft plastic designs and rigging techniques, such as the Finesse TRD Series Ned Rig soft plastics and Finesse ShroomZ Ned Rig jigheads, which have become go to baits for anglers everywhere when the bite is tough. We stock nearly everything Z-Man and are your source for 20% off on Z-Man every day!