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Free Shipping on USA Orders Over $59

Bladed Jig & ChatterBait Trailers

Bladed Jigs are one of the best producing baits for bass tournament anglers and weekend warriors alike, with the Z-Man ChatterBait (and Evergreen ChatterBait, Jackhammer, Freedom) as well as the Strike King Rage Blade being regular top producers. Z-Man ChatterBaits are a go-to, whether you're fishing docks and marinas, rock rip-rap, the edges of weeds and vegetation, or deep structure; all are great places to throw this perfect wrong place-wrong time lunker bass lunch. 

We put together this collection of some of the top trailers from our tournament heroes as well as some of our personal favorites like the RaZor ShadZ, the Zako, DieZel MinnowZ, Rage Swimmers, Swing Impacts and more! Or check out the OG bladed swim jig trailers: the Z-Man Split Tail Grub TrailerZ or Zoom Split Tail Trailer. Change up the jig trailer shape to get the optimal action for your retrieve speed: craws, paddle tails, grubs, soft creature baits, and soft jerkbaits are all excellent choices. Use a salty plastic from Gary Yamamoto or Zoom for extra flavor, or Z-Man ElaZtech for greater buoyancy. Use larger bladed jig trailers for a shot at bigger fish, smaller ones in tougher conditions, and customize the swimming action to dial in on your next PB.