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Free Shipping on USA Orders Over $59

Yo-Zuri: Saltwater Baits & Lures

Save on Yo-Zuri Saltwater Baits, Lures, & Line

Yo-Zuri makes some of the finest inshore and offshore saltwater hard baits and fishing lures on the market. Exporting quality Japanese designs for over 50 years, Yo-Zuri has long been a household name among serious saltwater anglers, manufacturing quality saltwater casting lures, trolling lures, trolling floats/teasers, and fishing line.

Surf and inshore saltwater anglers know them best for their high-quality, realistic-looking casting plugs, such as the LC Hydro Minnow and 3D Inshore Twitchbait. On the other hand, offshore saltwater anglers love Yo-Zuri's high quality trolling lures and skirts, such as the 3D Magnum, Bonita, and High Speed Vibe trolling lures. The Hydro Pencil and Hydro Popper are also excellent bluewater casting surface lures when big game saltwater fish are going crazy on a baitball near the surface.

Don't forget their great squid fishing gear too!