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Discount Tackle - Knot Guides

fishing knot tying guide

Properly tying knots to connect your baits and lures to your fishing tackle is paramount to fishing success. Yet, learning how to tie good, reliable knots can be difficult even with thicker materials like rope and twine, much less thin and delicate fibers like monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided fishing lines. That's why, with the help of the folks at Sunline, we've developed a comprehensive knot tying guide that consists of in-depth video animations that show you how to tie some of the most important knots in fishing. 


Improved Surgeon's Knot

Double Clinch Knot Single Line

Improved Double Clinch Knot Single Line

Uni Knot Single Line

Uni Knot Double Line

Albright Knot

Blood Knot

Double Uni Knot

Half Hitch Knot

Three Tag Knot

Double San Diego Jam Knot

Improved Clinch Knot Single Line

Improved Clinch Knot Double Line

Palomar Knot

FG Knot

Tornado HH Knot