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Megabass Ito Vision 110 Jerkbait

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  • The Megabass Ito Vision 110 is a 4 1/3 inch, 1/2 ounce suspending jerkbait.
  • Unique darting action that is great at drawing strikes from bass when water temperatures are between 38 and 70 degrees. 
  • Dives 4 to 6 feet - slow floats on the pause.
  • Pre-rigged with Katsuage outbarb treble hooks. 
  • Available in a wide range of beautifully detailed colorways.

Once the closely-guarded secret of the pros, the Megabass Ito Vision 110 has quickly become a staple among professional and amateur anglers alike, setting the standard for jerkbait fishing in all U.S. waters. The profile, one-of-a-kind darting action, balancing system, and realistic color patterns all contribute to the incredible fish-catching ability of the Vision 110. The tungsten Multi-Way Moving Balancer System (PAT) not only fuels the 110's unparalleled action and huge flashes, but also allows the Vision 110 to cast like a bullet. This deadly package is finished off with three Katsuage outbarb treble hooks, designed to increase hook-setting percentages when power-bait fishing.

The Vision 110 excels when the water temps are between 38 to 70 degrees. During this time (especially from November to April in most U.S. waters), the Vision 110 is an excellent choice when fishing points, flats, rocky banks, bluffs, or over underwater grass beds. However, the Vision 110 can also be deadly around boat docks in the heat of the summer. Smallmouth anglers will find no better lure than the Vision 110; in Northern US waters, smallmouth bass will attack this lure from spring to fall.

The wide range of colors available for the Vision 110 makes this bait effective in virtually all water clarity conditions, but Megabass's Pro Staff has found the 110 to be most effective in water clarity from one to 20 feet.

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Proposition 65
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
Elegy Bone
French Pearl
French Pearl Orange Belly
GG Deadly Black Shad
GG Deadly Black Shad Illusion
GG Il Tennessee Shad
GG Megabass Kinkuro
GG Perch Orange Belly
GG Threadfin Shad
GG Trout Orange Belly
GP Pro Blue
GP Pro Blue II
GP Pro Perch
GP Sexy Shad
GP Skeleton Tennessee
GP Stain Reaction
HT ITO Tennessee Shad
HT ITO Wakasagi
HT Kossori Shad
ITO Clear Lake
ITO Natural
ITO Wakasagi
Kameyama Ghost Pearl
Killer Kawaguchi
Kohoku Reaction
Mat Shad
MB Gizzard
Megabass Sexy Shad
MG Sexy Stream
Ozark Shad
PM Twilight Chartreuse Back
Secret Grape
Sexy Ayu
Sexy French Pearl
Stain Reaction OB
Table Rock SP
Wagin Ayu
Wagin Hasu
Wakin Reaction
JDM Color
Fine Art Ghost Wakasagi
JDM Color
Fine Art Gill
JDM Color
Fine Art Kisyu Ayu
JDM Color
Fine Art Oikawa
JDM Color
Fine Art Wakasagi
GP Crystal Shad
SB OB Shad
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

The action is great

Andrew Kuppinger
Best jerkbait worst hooks

You cannot get a better jerkbait. I prefer the pearl ob. I change the hooks with the Aaron martens finesse hooks. I’ve had too many megabass hooks bend out and loose fish.

Kevin Gomez-Velasco
Leader in the Jerkbait category

This has the best action & suspension compared to any other jerkbait in the market as of now. well worth the 25$. my biggest tip fishing these is to make sure you know your body of water pretty well to avoid any upsets breaking off on a structure underwater. This is one of those lures worth jumping in the water for.

vision 110 jerkbait, best ever !

Best jerkbait I have ever used. Bass just can't resist, smallmouth and largemouth !

King of the Jerkbaits

At first I was skeptical paying $25 for a lure. I used to use rapalas which are much less expensive. This bait however changed my mind completely. When nothing is working tie one of these on and you are bound to get fish. One day I was out fishing with my son and he caught 21 crappies in a 60 minute period( 7 in a row) using this bait. Catches largemouth and smallmouth. One of our favorite baits!! Nice job megabass. BTW Discount tackle is super. Delivery is very quick. Much quicker and cheaper than Tackle Warehouse. Buying all my lures from Discount Tackle now.

# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Elegy BoneVISION-110-ELEGYBONE4513473322105
Fine Art Ghost WakasagiMB-00992478644513473498442
Fine Art GillMB-00992478624513473498428
Fine Art Kisyu AyuMB-00992478604513473498404
Fine Art OikawaMB-00992478614513473498411
Fine Art WakasagiMB-00992478634513473498435
French PearlVISION-110-FRENCHPRL4513473457548
French Pearl Orange BellyVISION-110-FRCHPRLOB4513473322211
GG Deadly Black ShadVISION-110-GGDDBLKSH4513473321863
GG Deadly Black Shad IllusionVISION-110-GGDDBKIL4513473321870
GG Il Tennessee ShadVISION-110-GGILTENSH4513473321856
GG Megabass KinkuroVISION-110-GGMEGAKINKURO4513473030543
GG Perch Orange BellyVISION-110-GGPERCHOB4513473321894
GG Threadfin ShadVISION-110-GGTHREAD4513473329463
GG Trout Orange BellyVISION-110-GGTROUTOB4513473321887
GP Crystal ShadVISION-110-GPCRYSHAD4513473321917
GP Pro BlueVISION-110-GPPROBLUE4513473321979
GP Pro Blue IIVISION-110-GPPROBLU24513473321986
GP Pro PerchVISION-110-GPPROPER4513473321962
GP Sexy ShadVISION-110-GPSEXY4513473321948
GP Skeleton TennesseeVISION-110-GPSKELTEN4513473321924
GP Stain ReactionVISION-110-GPSTAIN4513473321931
HT ITO Tennessee ShadVISION-110-HTITOTENN4513473321993
HT ITO WakasagiVISION-110-HTITOWAK4513473322006
HT Kossori ShadVISION-110-HTKOSSHAD4513473390531
ITO Clear LakeVISION-110-ITOCLRLAK4513473379581
ITO NaturalVISION-110-ITONAT4513473322037
ITO WakasagiVISION-110-ITOWAK4513473322013
Kameyama Ghost Pearl00992114314513473435195
Killer KawaguchiVISION-110-KILLERKAWA4513473390555
Kohoku ReactionMB-00992100474513473322129
Mat ShadVISION-110-MATSHAD4513473390524
MB Gizzard00992114324513473434723
Megabass Sexy ShadVISION-110-MEGASEXY4513473322228
MG Sexy Stream00992104244513473435201
Ozark ShadVISION-110-OZARKSHAD4513473322112
PM Twilight Chartreuse BackVISION-110-PMTWCHBLK4513473322099
SB OB Shad00992114334513473435188
Secret GrapeVISION-110-SECGRAPE4513473322136
Sexy AyuVISION-110-SEXYAYU4513473322167
Sexy French PearlVISION-110-SEXFRNPRL4513473322174
Stain Reaction OBMB-00992103484513473322198
Table Rock SPMB-00992100064513473322181
Wagin AyuVISION-110-WAGINAYU4513473322235
Wagin HasuMB-00992100264513473322259
Wakin ReactionVISION-110-WAKINREACT4513473322143