Title: Elegy Bone
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Megabass Ito Silent Vision Oneten 110 Jerkbait

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  • The Megabass Vision ONETEN Silent Jerkbait is a stealthy upgrade to the classic Megabass Vision ONETEN.
  • Sometimes, the fish are spooky and the silent stealth is your ticket to a big fish on the end of your line. That's where the Megabass ONETEN Silent comes through.
  • The Silent Vision ONETEN will dive to about 6 feet deep and suspend, letting you retrieve and jerk at depth.
  • This lure features the beautiful design and color patterns by Ito.
  • The Silent Vision ONETEN is 4 1/3 in (11 cm) long and weighs 0.5 oz (14 g). It comes equipped with three deadly #6 Katsuage trebles to seal the deal.

The VISION ONETEN SILENT brings deadly stealth to the undeniable performance of the ONETEN jerkbait, unleashing a new weapon upon tournament waters. By consolidating the balancers of the original ONETEN into a single, fixed weight, the ONETEN SILENT is poised to strike from any position. This not only preserves the storied action, suspend setting and head-down posture of the original ONETEN-it perfects it.

When jerked, the ONETEN SILENT's sole weight acts as a pure pivot-point, eliciting impossibly sharp and acrobatic action and intense flashing, tempting targets across a wide area. When the ONETEN comes to its familiar nose-down rest, it does so with one last tantalizing, life-like quiver-almost as if the bait itself were trembling in anticipation. The ONETEN SILENT will capture the hearts of wary targets, eliciting key bites in the most pressured conditions. Tuned by STW, the ONETEN SILENT has been perfected for North American waters, placing a deadly new weapon in the hands of serious jerkbait anglers everywhere.


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    CA Proposition 65 WARNING
    Proposition 65
     WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
    Elegy Bone
    GG Deadly Black Shad
    GG Moss Back Golden Shad
    Ghost Tiger
    GP Ito Natural
    GP Kohoku Reaction
    GP Megabass Sexy
    GP Moss Back Golden Shad
    GP Ozark Shad
    GP Pro Blue
    GP Pro Perch
    GP Stain Reaction
    GP Threadfin Shad
    HT Ito Tennessee Shad
    HT Ito Wakasagi
    Ito Clear Laker
    MAT Shad
    MB Gizzard
    Megabass Sexy Shad
    PM Ghost Shiner
    PM Twilight Chart Back
    SB OB Shad
    Sexy French Pearl
    Table Rock SP
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    Got a good first impression

    I haven't really used this lure yet, but I will be using it this weekend. First impressions: it's well made, durable, and has a great design. Looking forward to having a good time.

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    Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
    Elegy BoneM04529379944513473445989
    GG Deadly Black ShadM04529379964513473446009
    GG Moss Back Golden ShadM04529379864513473445903
    Ghost TigerM04529379934513473445972
    GP Ito NaturalM04529379904513473445941
    GP Kohoku ReactionM04529379894513473445934
    GP Megabass SexyM04529379874513473445910
    GP Moss Back Golden ShadM04529379914513473445958
    GP Ozark ShadM04529379924513473445965
    GP Pro BlueM04529379974513473446016
    GP Pro PerchM04529379984513473446023
    GP Stain ReactionM04529379994513473446030
    GP Threadfin ShadM04529379884513473445927
    HT Ito Tennessee ShadM04529380004513473446047
    HT Ito WakasagiM04529380014513473446054
    Ito Clear LakerM04529380024513473446061
    MAT ShadM04529380034513473446078
    MB GizzardM04529380044513473446085
    Megabass Sexy ShadM04529380054513473446092
    PM Ghost ShinerM04529381264513473447051
    PM Twilight Chart BackM04529380074513473446115
    SB OB ShadM04529380084513473446122
    Sexy French PearlM04529380094513473446139
    Table Rock SPM04529380104513473446146
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