Color: Dark Green Pumpkin
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Keitech Tungsten Guard Spin Jig

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 Size Hook Size
1/8 #2
5/32 #2


  • The Keitech Tungsten Guard Spin Jig is highly-effective skirted finesse bass fishing jig.
  • Tungsten compound head 30% smaller and harder than lead.
  • Small Teardrop design penetrates cover, extremely weedless.
  • SR-40 Silicone Ultra fine cut, ultra soft, 80 strands.
  • Hand-glued, 5-strand weedguard.
  • #2 Katsuichi Hook.

The Keitech Tungsten Guard Spin Jig is the king of finesse jigs. The Tungsten compound, tear drop head with 5 fiber weed guard allows the angler to fish in a variety of covers with remarkable efficiency. The Guard Spin is snag-resistant and weedless. Tough fishing conditions such as cold fronts or heavy fishing pressure are ideal for this jig.


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    CA Proposition 65 WARNING
    Proposition 65
     WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
    Dark Green Pumpkin - 1/8 oz
    Dark Green Pumpkin - 5/32 oz
    Green Pumpkin - 1/8 oz
    Green Pumpkin - 5/32 oz
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Lorenzo mosqueda
    Giant catcher

    Right when I received this jig in the mail, I went to put it in some action and right away in the first cast I caught a big mama. Almost every cast and I would catch big bass. This is a great jig would recommend.

    Kyle W.
    Great finesse presentation

    Great little jig for vertical presentation around light cover. Appeals to bass and crappie both! Love the bluegill flash with a minnow style trailer. Hooks penetrate very easily and are stout enough to turn the fish

    Carson Whicker
    Small but mighty

    Nice finesse cut and subtle profile perfect with a small z man craw or just a TRD. nice stout hook which is lacking on some other jigs of this size and profile.


    Same with the mono jig as it's the same head. They are fragile and will break easily if you hit something hard such as a rock or dock post. And they won't replace them

    Ryan Smith
    One of my favorite jigs

    Definitely a good bait to throw when the bites slow, also gives the fish oppertunity to see something they most likely haven't before.

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    Dark Green Pumpkin / 1/8 ozGJ181054560262569784
    Dark Green Pumpkin / 5/32 ozGJ5321054560262570674
    Green Pumpkin / 1/8 ozGJ181014560262569760
    Green Pumpkin / 5/32 ozGJ5321014560262570650