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Jackall Deracoup Tail Spinner

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  • The Jackall Deracoup is a tail spinner hard lure.
  • Solid-lead construction.
  • Great for both casting and vertical jigging.
  • Special tube around the tail reduces line twists, tangles, and damage caused by casting.
  • Available in 1/2, 3/4, or 1 ounce weights in 8 colors.

The Jackall Deracoup is a tail spinner hard lure perfect lure for mimicking small baitfish and minnows. Molded with a true-to-life shad profile, the Jackall Deracoup uses a solid lead construction and is very compact, allowing anglers to cast it extremely long distances to cover more water. The lure's signature feature is a premium Colorado blade attached by a ball bearing swivel to the rear of the lure. This Colorado blade produces a bright flash and thumping vibration to grab the attention of nearby fish.

Perfect for casting or vertical jigging applications. Incredibly effective when fished from a boat or shore and is deadly in any body of water whether it's a lake, stream, or pond. A special tube around the tail helps reduce line tangles and damage from casting, which is a common problem with most spin-tail jigs as well.

Armed with a sticky sharp treble hook to ensure a high hook up ratio, the Jackall Deracoup is available in 1/2, 3/4 or 1 ounce weights in 8 colors.

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CA Proposition 65 WARNING
Proposition 65
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
Blueback Chartreuse / 1/2 oz
Blueback Chartreuse / 3/4 oz
Blueback Chartreuse / 1 oz
HL Bluegill / 3/4 oz
HL Bluegill / 1 oz
Clear Shad / 3/4 oz
Clear Shad / 1 oz
Dera Shad / 3/4 oz
Dera Shad / 1 oz
HL Gold Black / 3/4 oz
HL Gold Black / 1 oz
HL Lime Gold / 1/2 oz
HL Lime Gold / 3/4 oz
HL Lime Gold / 1 oz
HL Red Tiger / 3/4 oz
HL Red Tiger / 1 oz
Silver / 1 oz
HL Bluegill / 1/2 oz
Clear Shad / 1/2 oz
Dera Shad / 1/2 oz
HL Gold Black / 1/2 oz
HL Red Tiger / 1/2 oz
Silver / 1/2 oz
Silver / 3/4 oz
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Customer Reviews

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Deracoup tail spinner

Use this bait when the bass are chasing very small minnows in the spring. It's easy to cast and retrieve, and catches fish.

Tail spinner

It gets down deep when the smallmouth are grouped up and catches almost anything in the lake. I would change nothing about this bait.

Nice jig

Good weight to able to get down to deep cover.

Great lure for catching big bass

This is such a great lure I caught my personal best on this and a pickerel as long as my arm I definitely recommend this lure and a great company

When the bite is tough

Needed something that I could get down but finesse fish for those tough bites, the Jackall Deracoup does it, with it rear blade on a swivel so your line stays straight you can jig this all day. Great to throw into a mark deep to get some action

# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Blueback Chartreuse / 1/2 ozJDERA12-BBCH843459015856
Blueback Chartreuse / 3/4 ozJDERA34-BBCH843459015931
Blueback Chartreuse / 1 ozJDERA1-BBCH843459016013
HL Bluegill / 1/2 ozJDERA12-HLB843459015818
HL Bluegill / 3/4 ozJDERA34-HLB843459015894
HL Bluegill / 1 ozJDERA1-HLB843459015979
Clear Shad / 1/2 ozJDERA12-CLSH843459015870
Clear Shad / 3/4 ozJDERA34-CLSH843459015955
Clear Shad / 1 ozJDERA1-CLSH843459016037
Dera Shad / 1/2 ozJDERA12-DESH843459015863
Dera Shad / 3/4 ozJDERA34-DESH843459015948
Dera Shad / 1 ozJDERA1-DESH843459016020
HL Gold Black / 1/2 ozJDERA12-HLBG843459015832
HL Gold Black / 3/4 ozJDERA34-HLBG843459015917
HL Gold Black / 1 ozJDERA1-HLBG843459015993
HL Lime Gold / 1/2 ozJDERA12-HLLG843459015825
HL Lime Gold / 3/4 ozJDERA34-HLLG843459015900
HL Lime Gold / 1 ozJDERA1-HLLG843459015986
HL Red Tiger / 1/2 ozJDERA12-HLRT843459015801
HL Red Tiger / 3/4 ozJDERA34-HLRT843459015887
HL Red Tiger / 1 ozJDERA1-HLRT843459015962
Silver / 1/2 ozJDERA12-SIL843459015849
Silver / 3/4 ozJDERA34-SIL843459015924
Silver / 1 ozJDERA1-SIL843459016006