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Free Shipping on USA Orders Over $59

Jackall Lures

Jackall is a high-end Japanese bass fishing lure brand, started in 1999 by Seiji Kato and Ty Ono. From the first product, the Cross-Tail Shad, to the very latest, the Gargle Buzzbait – quality, innovation, and helping anglers catch more fish are Jackall's top priorities. Kato’s goal of creating lures with a more natural action, material, and undulation has been realized in his Jackall designs.

Kato and the Jackall team utilize hundreds of prototypes over the course of multiple years with each new lure creation. Using the latest engineering technologies, Jackall lures are some of the most technologically advanced options available today. Body shape, balance, hook placement, sound, and so much more go into each lure design to create the perfect performance on the water. Overall, Jackall Lures creates innovative fishing lures that keep bass wanting more and are responsible for some epic trophy fish landed!