Evergreen International Sb-150 "Shower Blows" Topwater Bait

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The Evergreen International SB-150 a.k.a. "Shower Blows" is Morizo Shimizu’s bait of choice for searching the surface of the water. Its unique bill produces powerful splatter, spit and bubbles that appeal to fish in a wide area with a single cast. A body designed for air-resistance reduction, and tungsten weights at the very end of its tail guarantee incredible distance even against head winds. Excellent body balance allows it to make quick consecutive turns without jumping out of the water, making it move much like agitated bait fish chased by a bass.The feather hooks attached to the tail take those light bites of a fish unable to break above water into full-on bites, and the resistance created by the feather hooks has the effect of producing more sharpness to the bait’s quick turns. Whether to attract far-away fish with dramatic action, or nervous fish with soft vibrations, Evergreen International's SB-150 is the one tool that can handle it all, regardless of any change in the day-to-day conditions of the fish.

Length Weight Class
6" 1-1/2oz Topwater


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