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❤️ These Hooks!!!

Sharp and strong….

300 series jerkbait

I have been using this line of jerkbaits for years in all 3 all strike king baits these work perfect run true the factory hooks are good....I do change them though to get the bait to suspend differently


I have been using 3.75 for about 3 months on a swing head and vertical on a swim jig and spinnerbait with awesome success.....the largemouth and spots crush it on my swim jig.....very soft and so durable

Smallmouth Killer

Fish these on a 1/8 or 1/4 ounce jig head and this guy will destroy the smallmouth! They are amazing for the largemouth as well! So easy to use and so durable! They skip on the water like a rock and the action is second to none!


This bait caught me 30 fish on the back of a chatterbait my last tournament! I never had to change it once! It’s so durable and has amazing action! The color “the deal” is it !

Crappie Killer

This bait destroys the crappie! It skips under docks and piers so easily you can pair it with your favorite grub or straight tail minnow! You have to give it a shot.

Best trailer

This bait is so durable and reliable. They come in amazing colors. By far one of if not the best trailers for a chatter-bait!

Must have

This is a must have plastic it is so durable ! They are great as trailers for jigs or bladed jigs! They also are amazing for Texas rig and punching rigs! Give them a shot

Great Lure - Great Price

I’ve used kastmaster lures for years. The chrome/neon blue is one of my favorites. The snapping blues that cruise the surf love them. I really like the price as well.

shimano stradic 4000 delivered

Had the reel loaded with 15 lb braid with a 30 lb leader after a long battle i landed a beautiful cobia, caught it on a 1/4 glass minnow jib. the reel was smooth and whipped that cobia. around a 25 pound fish

Go-to bait

Great product works year round and multipurpose bait.

Great Bait for Summertime

I have several of these frogs and they seem to work best in the summertime under over-hanging limbs.

Great Spinner . Swims perfect at almost any speed.

Great Hooks, Sharp and hold a good edge. Look nice also.
Light Tap

All I can say is never go home without a few casts of the ol Rat L Trap. A couple weeks ago things were really slow. Tied on the Electric Rat L Trap. Three casts in a row all produced nice fish.
Light Tap.

This Big Blade Produces!

Got the Big Blade 5/8 oz. in White and threw a white Strike King Caffeine Shad on the back of it. Here in Virginia the cold fronts pushed back the spawn, so it was pre-spawn feeding frenzy I suppose. In nice size farm pond, I caught 18 total Largemouth bass with my best 5 giving me a 24lb bag. All from the bank too!!! Threw it parallel to the damn and they was smoking it.

Hot bait on Toledo Bend

These baits get spawning bass very angry for some reason. They literally hammer them

Killer Bomber

Never cared that much for Bombers, but this one is a killer. They're loving the red & Black crawdad.

Sweet Crankbait

This product was a success right out of the package. The name suits it.The big girls this spring couldn’t resist. Great color options that I hope to be able to fish it year round.

One of the best braid I ever used!

I have to say that diawa j braid 8 strand is the softest braid i ever felt before and the smallest diameter I ever seen! If you are trying to save some money and is using Kastking braided line, try using J braid 8 strands, you won't regret it and it is worth the money compare to power pro super slick (More expensive line) One negative about the line is that if you get a bad spool (rarely) sometimes the braid knot strength is weak so be careful. Overall check out this line, you won't look back at the off brand braided lines.

Great jig

I’m not a jig guru but hey it catches fish and has a great hook up ratio. Skips under docks ok. Seems to come through cover well.

My favorite stick bait next to the Gary Yamamoto senkos, they works just as well cost less.

The luckycraft pointer has been a staple bait for me since I first used one 2 years ago I've caught lots of big trout and bass with them they are my favorite jerkbait.

bigger is better

got my new 8 in. & headed t Beaver lake to see what the stripers think about these 8inchers

Tough Bait

This is one of the best and toughest baits I have ever used. I caught 6 bass off one bait...