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Free Shipping on USA Orders Over $59


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I'm going to use them this weekend. It'll be my first time using these so I can't wait for the results. Hopefully it'll turn out well.

I absolutely love these jigs...not only are they versatile...but they flat out work.

Great price quick delivery happy customer

Great scent!

Scent works great for me I've bought several times now. I liked the fast shipping!


just what my husband has been looking for but haven't had the chance to try out yet due to sickness.

Yamamoto Zako 3”

Yamamoto baits catch fish. They don’t really need a review. These Zakos are great chatterbait trailers. Will definitely buy again

Is very good

We catch lung cod and nice size rodcods

Z-Man Salty Ned ShrimpZ

Work great

Work great

Slaying the Wipers

This 3" major Albino Shad is an amazing plastic lure. I've been trying to get Wipers on my nearby lake for months. I bought these on a whim and first cast I got a Wiper. It was 5lbs and 23" long. I love this plastic bait. Buy some quality jig heads like the Gamagatzu's and you will hook your fish.

Top of the Line!

Great product for all my Ned Rig needs. Perfect weed guard and the hooks are great!

VMC Crossover Ring 10 pack
Kuethe, Allan Ray
Get Some!

These are great, and don't impede the worms action. They are durable and sell for a great price!

Top Notch!

This is a great frog and it is durable! I pair this up with the Lake Fork Lure Co. Hollow Body Frog Hook System and the result is a fish catching machine!

Snack Time!

I use this on a Carolina Rig and it gets the job done! Durable, great colors, and it catches fish!

Freaking awesome little frogs

I ordered these zman finesse frogs from discount tackle and they performed like a champ. Most fun day I’ve had fishing in a long time. The nice thing about these baits are that they are small enough to catch a variety of different species of fish. I also love that they float, it made a big difference in covering open water and heavy cover.

Excellent lure

Have caught redfish, snook, crevelle jack, spotted sea trout and largemouth bass. Easily one of my favorite lures.

The best!

IMO the best hollow body frog on the market hands down.
- Cast a mile.
- Tall body, crushes down easily and exposes hooks very well = great hook up ratio.
- Super strong hook.
- Walks great right out of the box.
- Extremely realistic looking.
- Soft body material.

- Takes on some water, needs to be peed every 4-6 casts.
- Occasionally slides up the hook when thrashed around by a big fish. (Easy to put back in place though)

Great products and fantastic customer service as well

Excellent product awesome customer service and shipping!

I've had excellent results using these hooks with assorted Z-Man plastics. They are the best hook for rigging Z-man products weedless and the second sliding keeper works perfect for keeping things lined up during casting yet allows enough movement so as to not interfere with the bite. Discount Tackle also had a great selection f these normally hard to find hooks and at a fantastic price. This was m first order and won't be the last. Thank you Discount Tackle.

Sensitivity Plus

Finally got to use my TD Eye yesterday. At first handling the rod I thought it was too stiff. Changed my mind after landing a couple Smallmouths. Sorry. Not many Walleyes caught where I was fishing. This rod is super sensitive. Using the new model Daiwa Regal 3000 CHX spinning reel makes my favorite set up . I was drop shotting with a 1/2 ounce sinker even though the rod is rated up tp 3/8 . I have the ML 2 piece 7 foot. I would say TD Eye is a great rod for the price. I compare it to a competitive rod that cost $165 19 years ago. I still have that rod but I had to epoxy the guides.

Works very well

Love this lure, works like a dream up on the northeast so reliable and has lasted forever! I RECOMMEND


Love this lure, hooks on to some big fish- no regrets buying this absolute weapon of a fishing lure

It's about time I switched.

I've been contemplating switching from those PITA weave rod sleeves and finally bought one of these to try it out. Should have switched years ago. So much more protection and no hanging up on the guides. I'll be buying more.