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Berkley Hit Sticks ..awesome baits

I recently purchased several Berkley hit sticks in sizes, 9 and 11 in various colors. I have a fishing buddy that has used these for walleye, and he would out fish me every time we fished together. I figured it was time to join in and purchase some of these baits to use during our next walleye trip. What is nice about these baits is the color and size selection. There are sooo many options. The size 9 and 11 have been the key baits for the lakes we fish, both in gold black, silver black, and perch. I am looking forward to our net walleye adventure.

1" Gulp Alive Minnow

These are great crappie and bluegill bait when installed on a 1/64oz. jig head. I wish they offered them at 1 1/2".

Top water fun!

Lures make a lot of noise and action on the surface of the water drawing hungry bass to it.

Great for all kinds of game fish

Great lure for many species, and on sale too! I have caught rainbow, brook, and brown trout, Mackinaw and bull trout, crappie, bluegill, small, large, and spotted bass, walleye, and channel catfish. There is no doubt in my mind i could catch salmon on these too. And these fish as well as the 25.00 jerkbaits that my buddy fishes with…my favorite color is olive ghost. I would post pics to back up my bragging if i could, lol.

Drop shot Supream

Used the three inch minnow drop shotting with great success for smallmouth. They loved them!!!

J -Braid X-8

I love the Diawa J-Braid X-8. It's much smoother than the 4 strand I've been using, allowing for longer casting distance. We'll see how durable it is as time goes on.

Good bait

Easy to work and nice loud rattle.

Not a fan

Doesn't excite Barracuda to strike, it doesn't even get them curious to even follow. Most lures will get Barracuda to follow out of curiosity.

Super sharp

Great hooks that are super sharp and easy to use as replacements

Great product

They really work great and very durable
They hold together for many bites and catches

Simply the Best!

Hands down, the best jerk bait on out there. Precision tuning and beautiful attention to detail makes this lure not just a staple in your tackle box, but also a beautiful piece of art work! I would also like to add that I live in Florida and have purchased tackle from the west coast many times. I have never seen shipping be as prompt and speedy! Thanks Discount Tackle!

Quality and Durability

If you are looking for an Ultra Sharp, strong, and excellent quality hook, then you need to check these out. They work great and stay sharp.

Trout can't resist

This thing works. I caught rainbows, browns & lake trout with this jerkbait. Trolled, steady retrieve casts & jerk jerk pause all produce.

good craw

like that the claws float. great to use neko rigged.

Miracle Thread

Perfect for tying up salmon trolling flies. Works great. Ordered 4 colors and service was great and delivery was fast. Would strongly recommend this to anyone.

Seaguar TactX Camo Braid
George Bundschu
Seems good toigh

Seems good, cast well and is tough holds up on the wrecks

Best cold water craw colored bait

Used lots of other Crawdad colored crank baits but this one catches 2 to 1 fish over the others.

Great grub

Great for smallmouth and big mouth

Diawa Revros

Just received the Diawa reel and have looked at it closely. It is very smooth for only 4 bearings. The drag is amazing for such a low priced reel. If anyone is looking for a low priced reel with good quality, you will find it in the Diawa Revros.

best all around swimbait 3 inch

This is basically the only bait I use now...I like to put it on a zman finesse bulletz 1/10 or 1/15 oz, cast it out let it hit the bottom, lots of time gets hit either falling or after hitting bottom the first time i move it..If not i give it three or four small pulls up from the bottom and let it settle then retrieve it slowly, stop, pull and repeat...if there are fish down there it gets faves are the real, ayu, silver shad, and green pumpkin...I also use the spike-it pen and put either chartreuse or pink strip on either side of the upper body and tail if its slow, that sometimes gets the bite going...only thing is you don't know if the first, second, or fifth fish is gonna tear it loose...perfect weedless setup and nice flutter on the bulletz when falling or when you stop reeling....highly recommend

Bonita and Yellowtail love this lure

Especially the white, red head version

My Name is Jeff

I really liked the way these baits move through the water. They are very realistic. The hook slots along the back of the bait is a nice feature as well. It insures proper alignment on the hook. Also the colors are great too. Love the OG SOUR. Can’t wait for spring to really see their potential. I’ve had some success so far in the frigid winter waters. Oh yeah, the price was absolutely awesome!!!

Z-Man Evergreen Jack Hammer ChatterBait 3/8 oz.

Great bait. Easy to fish. I fish this bait for Florida Largemouth Bass. Without a doubt it is a fish catcher.

75SF Hardcore

Hardcore 75SF is all around one of the best crankbaits out there for shallow to Mid. cranking!! In the winter we fish the red hardcore 75sf around shallow rock. Then when the herring spawn comes in the spring we speed crank the problue hardcore 75sf on long shallow points!!

Z-Man original Chatterbait

I like the price. The color selection and quality of the skirts are good. The hooks are decent. It has good vibration. The 3/8oz is perfect for where I fish, and they produce. They are good on any budget.