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Nipped tail

It’s nice having a crappie sized bait in elaztech, I hate going through baits one after the other. That said I had the tip of the tail get ripped off after just one bite. I have never had a zman bait get any part of it ripped off so it was actually surprising.

Awesome reel

I already own the Metanium HG and the new 2022 Bantam in my opinion is equally as good. Both are equally as smooth and cast the same in my opinion.

Megabass Sleeper Gill
Brant McGlothlin
Incredible Bait

The absolute best bluegill bait for bass. Swims incredible, cast like a rockstar, and flat catches bass. If you’re lake has bluegill that the bass feed on, you will be very happy you purchased some of these bait’s.

SPRO Prime Snap HD
Pescador 507
They work if you are constantly changing lures but.......

Over the years I have tried to minimize the end of line hardware between me and the fish. Sure under certain circumstances it is helpful to have a quick change snap or swivels but I find that most of the time less is better. I have seen countless times where retying instead of snapping on a lure would have prevented an overlooked frayed knot allowing a fish to swim around with a new piece of jewelry hanging out his mouth. Other times it is hard to find a light, yet strong enough quick connect that doesn't affect the presentation of a light lure. That said will I use these or other quick disconnect devices? Yes, but only in rare occasions.

Sedona 1000 spinning reel

I’m really impressed by the smooth, silky feel of this reel. Caught a 15lb striper and the reel was flawless. The drag was put to the test too and passed with flying colors.
I’m also impressed with Discount Tackle. That company is prompt with their replies and keep you up to speed every step of your order. 5 stars+

Vac tear drop weight

Very sensitive and easy to use, was able to feel the distinction in bottom composition


Too big of head and hook doesn’t run right

It’s good for light cover.

Very good at light cover, weed guard is soft but works.

Going to be your go-to crappie bait!

Love these crappie baits! The action is soo good! Very little effort gets the tail move and the action is great! You need to know I have Livescope so I can see the fish I'm throwing at. I use these to pitch/throw 10 to 40+ft at crappie in front of the boat. I swim it by the crappie I'm aiming at. I use the Zman StingerZ when I'm on top of the crappie. The trick to these baits are to superglue them to the jig head. Baits are almost (eventually some tear) bullet proof so they are great superglued to the jig head. Now what am I going to do with all my Bobby Garland baits. 😄

Z-Man Trout Trick

These are incredible, extremely durable, fish catching baits! I typically use these under a Bomber Paradise Popper extreme here in North Carolina! A true, fish catching, go to bait! I always have a rod rigged up this way. I have caught so many Trout, Redfish, and flounder with these baits.

Tough and invisible

I use Disappearing pink in saltwater for striper, false albacore and bottom fish because it is invisible in the water and tough enough to take a beating from the fish and rocks for many successful landings.

A great lure!

This has great action, casts a long ways, and most importantly, it really catches fish.

Cool and comfortable!

Sizing chart was accurate. Very well made giving excellent protection from the sun.

Deep wee rebel crawfish

Killing them smallies with these lures. Discount tackle had them in stock, low price and fast delivery! Will order again 💯

Smh jig heads do the trick

Love these jig heads. Paired with a smh worm and your catching fish. A bit pricey but if you get them on sale they are well worth it

These Bullet pop lures and great for the late Summer action. The bass go crazy over them.

Customer Service is extraordinary

These swimbaits are able to handle the abuse dished out when going after the ling cod and sea bass when jetty fishing the Oregon coast. Besides having a great selection of all the top gear, Discount Tackle is always willing to go out of their way to make sure I get what I need in a very short period of time.


I bought one of these in white back shad a while back, but I wasn't really a believer in big swimbaits back then so I didn't use it. Fast forward to a week or so before I go back to college. Figure I might as well break it out and at least try to get my money's worth. First cast: three pounder. Ten casts later: five pounder. From a lake I had been fishing all summer where I hadn't caught anything above two and a half pounds. Amazing lure, would highly recommend.

Excellent Versatile Bait on a lot of levels for Fl Bass

Super impressive durability- Great movement in the water, definitely continue to purchase these until a cheaper version/more in a pack comes up.... then I'm off like a top fuel dragster!

A great bait when the bite is tough

The big TRD is an amazing bait. The action looks like a live feeding bait and when slowly worked it drives bass wild. It is my go to bait on tough bite days.

Just the right hook for chasing Rainbows during trout season.

I started using these hooks last trout season after I could not find ones that were the quality I wanted. I have found that it is hard to find consistent small treble hooks, both in size and quality. These hooks have been the most consistent and Discount Tackle has had them at the best price. Just going to keep ordering them right here!

Best trailer chunk I've ever used.

Love these 3" chunks. They are long enough to fit on the jigs I use without having to trim skirts. These make the jig appear to be swimming when retrieving.

Terrific lure for getting bites and is durable

The Pearl is terrific at getting bites and is extremely durable. This last trip I boated 35 stripers on the same swimbait. It is still fine for the next time out, just need to re-tie the leader. Great value for the money, especially at Discount Tackle prices!

Split Ring Pliers That Work!

I purchased hese pliers because the Williamson Brand seems to have disappeared. So I tried these because of the design. I made the right choice. They open the stoutest split ring with ease. Highly Reccommend!

Bang Bang

Bluegill and perch whopper poppers have the bass banging heads to get to it first. Well worth buying. Chances are your first cast you will be hooked.