Daiwa J-Braid Grand x8 Island Blue Braided Line

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  • The Daiwa J-Braid Grand x8 Island Blue is Daiwa's new, state-of-the-art braided line made with IZANAS fiber.
  • Extremely strong and abrasion resistant, yet soft, supple, and easy-to-spool too.
  • 8-carrier construction.
  • Bright blue color that offers high visibility while also incorporating sky and water contrast.
  • Available in 150 and 300 yard spools in test strengths ranging from 6 pound to 80 pound.

The ultimate new braid in the J-Braid family, Daiwa J-Braid Grand x8 is some of the strongest and most abrasion resistant 8-carrier braided fishing line ever put on the market. Yet, despite its durability, J-Braid Grand x8 is also extremely soft, supple, and easy-to-spool.

How is fishing line with such remarkable characteristics possible? J-Braid Grand x8 is spun with IZANAS, a new, state-of-the-art, high-modulus fiber that is leaps and bounds stronger than any other fiber material on the market. Now, you may be asking yourself: "Hey, doesn't every fishing line claim to be the strongest, most supple line out there? How is this stuff any different?" And you wouldn't be wrong for wondering. Many a fishing line company has made such a claim with little, if any, evidence to support it. But the fine folks at Daiwa don't play like that: when they make a claim, they stick by it and back it up. And that's why in the graph below you can see that, when compared with other fiber materials on the market, nothing exhibits a strength index quite like IZANAS.

Source: Toyobo Industrial Materials, 2018
It's roughly four times stronger than polyester nylon (what most monofilament is made of), twice as strong as fluorocarbon, and is even stronger than aramid, a class of military- and aerospace-grade fibers that includes Kevlar (aka the stuff bulletproof vests are made of), among others.

Island Blue J-Braid Grand x8 is a bright blue color that offers high visibility while also incorporating sky and water contrast. Available in 150 and 300 yard spools in test strengths ranging from 6 pound to 80 pound. See table below for full details on test strength and line diameter.

    Product Specifications

      Pound Test Kilogram Test Diameter Equivalent Diameter Mono
      Inches Millimeters
      6 3 0.003 0.1 1.5 lb. Test
      8 3.8 0.005 0.13 2 lb. Test
      10 4.8 0.006 0.15 2.5 lb. Test
      15 7 0.007 0.19 4 lb. Test
      20 9.5 0.009 0.23 6 lb. Test
      30 14 0.011 0.28 8 lb. Test
      40 19 0.013 0.32 10 lb. Test
      50 23 0.014 0.36 12 lb. Test
      65 30 0.016 0.41 16 lb. Test
      80 38 0.017 0.43 20 lb. Test
      100 48 0.02 0.5 25 lb. Test
      120 57 0.022 0.55 30 lb. Test
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      CA Proposition 65 WARNING
      Proposition 65
       WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 27 reviews
      John Arnett
      Fantastic for what I do!

      I'm the kind of angler that likes to try different things, including just about every braid from Chinese crap to the most expensive.i almost exclusively use 10lb test to catch snook redfish,jacks etc off the beach.i find myself going back to j-braid grand and momoi diamond braid x8 .super soft and pliable and casts like a dream!! Highly recommend!! The only downside if any is if im fishing bridges,docks mangroves the abrasion resistance might be challenged.

      Lisa Blang
      Island blue j braid

      Love this line. I'm kind of girly when it comes to my fishing gear so I like every thing to match. All my Roddy are black,teal,blue or a mint green shade. So of course I needed some line to match as well. Have this on one of my poles and this stuff is tough and don't break very easily. Cought a 50 inch sturgeon on the 10 lb island blue j braid and it was awesome.

      Mickey Wilson
      J-braid vs smackdown

      Trying this out to see if it performs like the smackdown I love. So far it’s very comparable and you get twice as much for the same money. It’s not quite as soft as smackdown but will buy more if it holds up and only time will tell

      John S.
      Best Braid

      Best braid I have ever used, long smooth casts no memory! Discount Tackle has the best price on the market!

      Bela Vincze
      Amazing Braid!

      Bought this for first time. Performs better than expected. Was a big power pro fan, but looking for more bang for the buck.

      # Part Numbers

      Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
      6 pound / 150 yardsJBGD8U6-150IB043178577417
      6 pound / 300 yardsJBGD8U6-300IB043178577868
      8 pound / 150 yardsJBGD8U8-150IB043178577424
      8 pound / 300 yardsJBGD8U8-300IB043178577875
      10 pound / 150 yardsJBGD8U10-150IB043178577431
      10 pound / 300 yardsJBGD8U10-300IB043178577882
      15 pound / 150 yardsJBGD8U15-150IB043178577448
      15 pound / 300 yardsJBGD8U15-300IB043178577899
      20 pound / 150 yardsJBGD8U20-150IB043178577455
      20 pound / 300 yardsJBGD8U20-300IB043178577905
      30 pound / 150 yardsJBGD8U30-150IB043178577462
      30 pound / 300 yardsJBGD8U30-300IB043178577912
      40 pound / 150 yardsJBGD8U40-150IB043178577479
      40 pound / 300 yardsJBGD8U40-300IB043178577929
      50 pound / 150 yardsJBGD8U50-150IB043178577486
      50 pound / 300 yardsJBGD8U50-300IB043178577936
      65 pound / 150 yardsJBGD8U65-150IB043178577493
      65 pound / 300 yardsJBGD8U65-300IB043178577943
      80 pound / 300 yardsJBGD8U80-300IB043178577950