Eagle Claw Reel Grease 1/2 oz. Squeeze Tube

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As with any piece of precision equipment, fishing reels require regular maintenance to ensure optimal long-term performance and avoid warranty nullification. With Eagle Claw Reel Grease, you can easily lubricate your gears of your fishing reels and keep them in tip-top operating condition. It does not only provide a smoother surface area, but also attracts dirt and other debris that might interfere with the mechanisms of your reel. This lube is safe for all types of gears and is packaged in a 1/2 ounce squeeze tube for easier application.


  • The Eagle Claw Reel Grease is an easy-to-use lubricant for reels and other fishing supply with gears.
  • Attracts dirt and other debris.
  • Safe for all types of reels.
  • Keeps reels in top operating condition.
  • Packaged in a 1/2 ounce squeeze tube for secure and easy application.
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