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Free Shipping on USA Orders Over $59

Forward Facing Sonar

Introducing a specialized selection of fishing lures optimized for Forward Facing Sonar (FFS) applications, the groundbreaking technology transforming both tournament and recreational fishing. FFS, encompassing popular systems like Livescope, Active Target, and MEGA Live, offers real-time sonar imaging, providing anglers with crucial insights before casting and during retrieve.  These lures, tailored for FFS compatibility, enhance your fishing experience by complementing this cutting-edge technology with great sonar return.

FFS utilizes a transducer, black box, and fish finder to offer live views of the water column in the transducer's direction. Whether you're using Forward Mode for tracking lure movement, Down Mode for vertical fishing, or Horizontal Mode for shallow water and trolling, FFS empowers you with real-time information. Identify structures, detect fish, determine size and position, and spot bait with ease.  These Forward Facing Sonar items are optimized for FFS applications, with material and construction to maximize the sonar return ensuring you maximize the potential of this game-changing technology. Elevate your fishing prowess with these FFS-compatible baits, lures and products and unlock a whole new level of angling success today!