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Zoom Fat Albert 3 inch Curly Tail Grub 10 pack

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  • The Zoom Fat Albert Grub is deadly on the back of a moving bait or crawled along the bottom by itself and you can even swim it for suspended fish.
  • Size = 3 inches.
  • Single tail grub.
  • Beefy body with wildly flapping curl tail.
  • Salt-impregnated.

The Zoom Fat Albert Grub offers a chunky profile and high action tail, which make it a great choice as a beefed-up trailer for your jigs, buzzbaits or spinnerbaits. The curly tail generates a bass-calling, fluttering action as soon as it hits the water, and the Fat Albert Grub's ribbed body offers an increased profile and texture bass love.


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    CA Proposition 65 WARNING
    Proposition 65
     WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
    Chartreuse Pearl
    Chartreuse Pepper
    Green Pumpkin
    Watermelon Red
    Watermelon Seed
    White Pearl
    Root Beer Pepper Green
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Fred Beshears
    Bass slayer

    I bought these for my 92 year old father. These are his favorite lure of choice. He fishes a farm pond and catches his limit almost every time he goes. He uses a jig head with a large hook and brushes it over the top of the suspended moss. Excellent lure and discount tackle has a great price.👍

    Jesus Pizarro
    Zoom fat Albert green pumpkin

    I’ll be honest when it comes to lures I’m very picky. However when I say that green pumpkin Fat Albert’s are the best I truly mean it. Anytime I go out with friends or even on my own I’m guaranteed to catch something, it’s yet to fail me. Everyone always asks me what I’m using and a majority of the time it’s these. They are fairly light so they don’t cast out too far but the tail always twirls in the water without failure. I believe the dark color and the tail motion is what attracts the fish and they are fairly durable that you can use the same lure for multiple catches! If there’s one product I will continue buying it’s these, they are worth the money!!


    I'm a Zoom fan. This was my first purchase through Discount Tackle and I am pleased with the service. I just started using umbrella rigs for Striper on Lake Lanier, GA and these will be added to the tackle box.

    Fat Alberts landed some fat Bass

    Was my first order with Discount tackle and could not be more pleased. Prices are all what they should be not jacked up like on other website's that start with an A. I've been using these Zoom Fat Alberts for years and they are great for Pickeral and Bass up here in Vermont. I use a 4 lb line, hook, and the worm that's it. I mix it up with slow reel stop sink bring it up or sometimes just a steady pace and let the worm swim and do it's thing. I will order again and thanks for the great service.

    Barry Norton
    Awesome bait for Smallies

    I've pretty much grown up fishing for smallmouth bass. When the water warms in the heat of summer and the bass are deep (25-60'), one of my go to rigs is to fish a lead head/grub. In summer, I fish a lot of rocky drops and flats and typically fish Fat Albert Grubs pinned to 1/4-3/8 oz round head jigs on 6-8# test. This has been a killer combination, with white, brown, watermelon and green pumpkin color Alberts being the most effective in semi-stained to clear water. Of all the different grub manufacturers I've tried, the Fat Albert body size and shape deem to displace more water, and banging the jig head across rocks and humps mimics craw and bait fish very well. I'll put a small dab of crazy glue on the hook when rigging up the jig, just to keep the grub body in place when a fish short strikes. Fat Alberts are my go-to style Grub.

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    Chartreuse PearlZ011046751981011461
    Chartreuse PepperZ011009751981011096
    Green PumpkinZ011025751981011256
    Root Beer Pepper GreenZ011097751981011973
    Watermelon RedZ011054751981144640
    Watermelon SeedZ011019751981011195
    White PearlZ011045751981011454