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  • Bringing Venom to Anglers' fight against abrasion, Spiderwire DuraBraid is widely regarded already as one of the toughest braided fishing lines on the market!
  • Designed for maximum abrasion resistance on rocks, docks, boat hoists, heavy vegetation and timber, the Spiderwire DuraBraid line holds up to the abuse of fishing structure and cover.
  • Based on numerous studies, Spiderwire found that the number one concern for anglers is abrasion, and what obstacles will get in the way of landing their next big fish.
  • Spiderwire Durabraid comes in Moss Green, which blends in nicely underwater and has the strength to keep your fish on the line as well as unrivaled knot strength.
  • Spiderwire DuraBraid comes in two size spools, the 150 yard and 300 yard.

Spiderwire's DuraBraid is a new braided fishing line designed to hold up to abrasion and retain its strength. Already a leader in braided fishing line performance, Spiderwire has the most abrasion-resistant conventional braided line, DuraBraid, which is 25 percent tougher than conventional braids. Increased abrasion resistance means that anglers using DuraBraid can confidently fish and land fish in and around heavy cover, the likes of which other lines can't even touch. In addition to increased abrasion resistance, Spiderwire DuraBraid delivers the same easy management and casting that are hallmarks of the brand. Available in Moss Green filler spools from 10-80lb test in the versatile Moss Green color, DuraBraid backs up its claim as the toughest braided line in fishing by producing even stronger knots and unequalled shock absorbency.

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Ronald Cline
Best Braid on the market!

I started using this last year. I have tried a lot of braids over the years and used strictly power pro the last few years. As good as power pro is, Durabraid is even better. Similar in appearance and feel, but it is even more abrasive resistant.

# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
10 pound / 150 YardsSDB10G-15022021647255
10 pound / 300 YardsSDB10G-300022021647378
15 pound / 150 YardsSDB15G-15022021647262
15 pound / 300 YardsSDB15G-300022021647385
20 pound / 150 YardsSDB20G-150022021647279
20 pound / 300 YardsSDB20G-300022021647392
30 pound / 150 YardsSDB30G-150022021647286
30 pound / 300 YardsSDB30G-300022021647408
50 pound / 150 YardsSDB50G-15022021647293
50 pound / 300 YardsSDB50G-300022021647415
65 pound / 150 YardsSDB65G-15022021647309
65 pound / 300 YardsSDB65G-30022021647422
80 pound / 150 YardsSDB80G-150022021649358
80 pound / 300 YardsSDB80G-300022021649457