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Shimano World Pop 69F

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  • The Shimano World Pop is a topwater popper that is equipped with Shimano's Flash Boost technology.
  • Flash Boost is equipped with an internal foil on micro springs that continue to flash in a lifelike manner even when the bait itself has stopped, inviting impressive strikes.
  • The World Pop has also been designed with Scale Boost, which is a composite pitch hologram finish designed to give the bait a natural scale-like pattern.
  • The World Pop can be fished like most other poppers, walking the dog with a continuous twitching, or aggressive pops with a sweeping rod tip motion.
  • Check out all of the color options available.

Shimano's legendary Boost Concept technology prevails with the introduction of the Shimano World Pop 69F Flash Boost, a multi-purpose popper unlike anything else on the market. Designed with a cupped face to create a commotion on the surface and draw aggressive strikes, the World Pop FB is the first lure of its kind to incorporate Shimano's Flast Boost technology. This innovative and proprietary technology suspends foil on micro springs within the lure body to create a continuous flash that mimics a wounded baitfish, even when paused. Scale Boost technology utilizes a lifelike composite-pitch hologram to provide World Pop with a natural scale pattern. With the distinct ability to be fished with a walk-the-dog action with continuous rod twitches or create large pops with a sweep of the rod tip, the World Pop 69F FB champions Boost Concept technology to draw aggressive strikes from trophy bass.

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Black Gold
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Customer Reviews

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Awesome looking

This popper definitely does that...pop, both aesthetically and functionally! The flash boost is really cool, will definitely attract the bigguns'. As far as hooks and split rings, probably wouldn't hurt to swap the stock split rings with Owner Hyper Wire rings and hooks with Stinger 36's or Mustad KVD Triple Grips.

Bill Sikora
Catches fish but needs better components!

My 3 out of 5 star review is in no way a reflection of Discount Tackle, they are amazing. I took this lure out for the first time and was surprised how many fish it caught! The “Flash Boost” technology is a really cool feature, however, what also surprised me was how easily the components failed. I caught several small Peacock Bass on this lure, as well as a few mid-sized Snakeheads and the rear treble bent, the front O-Ring opened and went missing along with the treble hook and an eye popped off. I was expecting better components on a $20 lure. If you purchase one, I would advise that you at least upgrade the O-Rings.

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Black GoldWP69FLKG022255272933
Blue SVWP69FLBS022255273008
Chart SVWP69FLCS022255272940
Ghost AyuWP69FLGA022255272988
Hot TigerWP69FLHT022255273015
N SmeltWP69FLNS022255272964
Pink CandyWP69FLPK022255272995
T SmeltWP69FLTS022255273022