Rapala Hook File 4 inch

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All anglers know the importance of a sharp hook. It's the first point-of-contact when fish bite, and it can make or break a successful catch. Fortunately, the Rapala Hook File offers anglers a quick, compact, and efficient way to keep hooks sharp. Treated with silicone to provide long-lasting performance, the blade on the Rapala Hook File is double-sided and equipped with an ultra-fine cutting edge to put a razor-sharp point on your hooks. Small enough for storage in stowaways and boat compartments, the Rapala Hook File is built with an ergonomic handle that provides a sure grip for precise sharpening. A must-have accessory for anglers of all levels, the Rapala Hook File keeps hooks sharp and fish counts high. Don't let a dull hook be the difference between a fish story and a trophy lunker!


  • Rapala Hook File helps maintain sticky-sharp hooks.
  • Made from double-sided, high-carbon steel to provide an ultra-fine cutting edge.
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle provides a sure grip and precise sharpening.
  • Convenient size for storage in your boat or tackle box.
  • Silicone treated for corrosion-resistance.
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