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Megabass Spark Shad Swimbait 3 inch Paddle Tail Swimbait

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3" 6 Pack
4" 5 Pack
5" 5 Pack

The Megabass Spark Shad features an incredibly lifelike profile, complete with anatomically correct fins that also help stabilize the bait and keep it from rolling at high speeds. The paddle tail kicks and thumps even at slow speeds thanks to its soft yet durable soft plastic composition, and a hook on the belly matches up with holes on the back of the bait to perfectly accomodate 3/0 to 5/0 hooks. Extremely versatile, the Megabass Spark Shad can be fished weightless on its own, on a swim jig, and is also a perfect compliment to umbrella-style rigs.

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CA Proposition 65 WARNING
Proposition 65
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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Customer Reviews

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Megabass Spark 3", 4", 5"

Simply the best soft bait, I use it for fishing on the river Danube, for Walleye there is currently no better soft lure, I even caught Cyprinidae fish like Bream and Barbel. The Megabass Spark is durable and works well in calm waters without flow on a slight pull, there is already a good vibration. There is no better proof than I buy it from USA to Serbia overseas , because it cannot be purchased here.
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Wanna Catch Bass?

When bass are hitting 3" schooling shad, throw this in White on a Owner Underspin and hang on.

Why fish without them

I fish a fair amount of megabass product and I must say although it's a little on the pricey side they are worth the money I don't mind buying things that work. These work

Good action

I like the action on the bait. Just make sure you use a thinner hook. I was using a weighted mustad 3/0 1/8oz grip pin (on the 3"). The 3" can take the weight going through the nose but the bait doesn't last that long. I went through a 6pk in a day. I kinda new that style hook was going to compromise the bait a little so I can't lower my review about that....it's about the bait itself.

Surprisingly good

I ordered a pack of the 3" sparkshad and a pack of the okashira screwheads the other week to try out in central Missouri. I was surprised how well they worked and how well it looked in the water. The bass had moved up in the shallows and I was getting hit on the first few cranks and I picked up and threw other baits but these are what the fish were tearing up. They are a very good shad imitator (I think I ordered real minnow color) and were my go to for the weekend. I just ordered some of the 4" and 5" to try and target the bigger fish so I am anxious to try them out. I highly recommend them.

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Baby Bass01896416164513473463785
Glow MarkerSPARKSHAD-3-GLOWMARKER4513473336935
Green Pumpkin01896416174513473463792
Lemon Shad01896416154513473463778
Neon Pepper01896416194513473463815
Purple Haze01896416144513473463761
Royal Gill01896416184513473463808
Silver ShadSPARKSHAD-3-SLVSHAD4513473336874