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Megabass Ito Vision Oneten FX

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  • The Megabass Vision ONETEN FX is an upgrade to the original Megabass Vision ONETEN that will get you into more fish.
  • The ONETEN FX has a bill that tucks away during flight, getting you further casting distance (about 20% more) than the original ONETEN.
  • In addition to casting distance, because it's on a pivot, the FX also gives it a unique, more erratic action that is irresistible to hungry bass.
  • The Megabass Vision 110 FX Dives to 5 feet deep and suspends. It is 4 1/3 Inches long and weighs 1/2 oz. Armed with three #6 treble hooks.
  • This is a jerkbait that adds new dimensions to your game.

The FX ONETEN is the tournament-spec model of the immensely successful VISION ONETEN. Featuring a Megabass original Variable Resistance Flap-Bill (PAT.), the lip tucks into the body during casts, and opens when the lure hits the water. This revolutionary feature makes the FX ONETEN cast farther and more accurately even in windy conditions. In fact, preliminary field-testing has demonstrated a nearly 20% increase in casting distance over the original ONETEN.

Distance isn't the only improvement, however; since the Variable Resistance Flap-Bill (PAT.) moves on a pivot, the bill-angle varies with the amount of water pressure, allowing for unique action. This means that with a hard "jerk, jerk, jerk" retrieve, the FX ONETEN will exhibit even more erratic action, mimicking the flat-out panic of a baitfish in distress. The moving bill will also breathe new life into the subtle rod movements often required in pre-spawn situations, transforming each delicate twitch into distinctive action. These dynamic three-dimensional movements will make past jerk baits seem obsolete.

The jerk bait has evolved.


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    French Pearl OBVISION-ONETEN-FX-FRENCHPEARLOB4513473329937
    GG Threadfin ShadVISION-ONETEN-FX-GGTHREADFINSHAD4513473329982
    GP Elegy BoneVISION-ONETEN-FX-GPELEGYBONE4513473329890
    GP Pro GreenVISION-ONETEN-FX-GPPROGREEN4513473329883
    GP Sexy ShadVISION-ONETEN-FX-GPSEXYSHAD4513473329913
    HT Ito WakasagiVISION-ONETEN-FX-HTITOWAKASAGI4513473329876
    M Cosmic ShadVISION-ONETEN-FX-MCOSMICSHAD4513473329951
    Ozark ShadVISION-ONETEN-FX-OZARKSHAD4513473329906
    PM Threadfin ShadVISION-ONETEN-FX-PMTHREADFINSHAD4513473329999
    Pumpkin SeedVISION-ONETEN-FX-PUMPKINSEED4513473330018
    Sexy French PearlVISION-ONETEN-FX-SEXYFRENCHPEARL4513473329920