Evergreen International Jt-95 Pencil Bait

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Evergreen International JT-95 Series Top Water Pencil Bait

Type Depth Length Weight Hook Size
Floating Surface 3 3/4in (95mm) 3/8oz (11.0g) Front:#8 Center:#8 Rear:#8
The Evergreen International JT-95's compact and slim body design belies its devastating power. Inspired by Evergreen staff member Justin Kerr, who wanted a bait that could coax bites out of bass that have strong vision under clear water, the JT-95 lures without being bounced off by the lighting fast bite of a smallmouth bass. Perfectly sized for a largemouth or smallmouth bass bite, the JT-95 comes in a natural, non-rattle finish, and by shortening the bait’s stride, it easily accomplishes high-speed walk the dog actions. Its fast and stimulating movements that mimic distressed bait fish trigger bites without hesitation. The JT-95 was designed with relatively more weight than is typical for that body size and the three hooks help maintain a perfect 45-degree balance in the water. Its great overall balance helps create water-grabbing action that lends itself to natural splashes, bubbles, and sounds. The pencil bait has a masterful ability to break the water’s surface, and Justin claims that 95% of the bass that bite get caught. Don't let the size fool you, this little Evergreen International JT-95 is ready to do big things!
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