Daiwa D-Vec Tools Cutter Fishing Line Cutter

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Specifically designed to take care of even the most delicate situations with high precision, the Daiwa D-Vec Tools Line Cutter upgrades everything you think you know about fishing line cutters. Forged from carbon steel heat-treated to reach Rockwell "C" Hardness and made corrosion-resistant by durable nickel finish, this cutter is 30% thinner and lighter than standard cutters. It is also subjected to a double tempered process for a cleaner cut. To maximize easy handling, it has drilled handles which are coated with rubber for a nice grip. These fishing line cutters are available in 7 inches and in 6 inches to suit your needs and ensure a clean performance for any task.


  • The Daiwa D-Vec Tools Cutter is a quality fishing line cutter from Daiwa.
  • Made of heat-treated carbon steel with corrosion-resistant finish and double-tempered blades for a cleaner cut.
  • 30% thinner and lighter than standard cutters.
  • Features drilled, rubber-coated handles for easy grip.
  • Available in 2 sizes: 7 inches and 6 inches.
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