Berkley Hot Line Cutter w/ Replacement Tip

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  • The Berkley Hot Line Cutter is a heated, electric line cutter for cutting and cauterizing fishing line.
  • Instantly cuts and cauterizes all types of fishing line; prevents line from fraying and knots from slipping.
  • Replaceable tungsten tip heats instantly and retracts when not in use.
  • Comes with replacement tip.
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries and lanyard.

The Berkley Hot Line Cutter is a heated, electric line cutter for cutting and cauterizing fishing line. Cut through fishing line with ease using the Berkley® Hot Line Cutter. Everyday anglers will get it all; performance, value, selection and new products that make fishing more enjoyable. Includes 2 AAA batteries and lanyard.

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Proposition 65
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Customer Reviews

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Great Tool

This line cutter works better than all the scissors that I have had in the past and presently. It does not leave stray or frayed ends on braided line. Another plus is that it has a retractable tip, and also comes with another tip. This was cheaper than the PowerZap Tool, hopefully it lasts longer than the PowerZap Tool that I had. If you need to replace the tip it looks like it might be a little difficult especially if you have big hand, but not impossible. I tried to grab the red part of the tip and could not so when the tip needs to be replaced I will have to use needle nose pliers or something similar.

I had a PowerZap Tool in the past which worked well, but it had a cap that went over the tip. When it was in my tackle box the cap came off and bent the tip. It happened so often that eventually the tip broke and the cutter was useless as I could not find tips anywhere.

Eileen Hughes
Works for beaders

Many of us in the beading group use this to burn the ends of our beading thread when needed. Safety is good as the tip get recessed after using. Several of us ordered an extra.

Dennis Kirkland
Sliced bread move over!

This cutter is the best thing yet. No frayed ends on braid and cuts mono just as good. The best thing to come along since braid. Throw your useless braid scissors away............

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