Accu-Cull Weight Recorder Analog Culling Tracker

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In Stock - Ready to Ship


  • The Accu-Cull Weight Recorder is an analog bass fishing tournament limit weight and culling tracker.
  • Color coded to work perfectly with the Accu-Cull Culling Tags.
  • Dials lock into place and will not shake out of position, even on a bumpy boat ride.
  • No more grease pencil and board or second guessing the accuracy of clunky electronic systems.
  • Made in the USA using 100% high-quality ABS plastic, no parts that can rust.

The Accu-Cull Weight Recorder is an analog bass fishing tournament limit weight and culling tracker. As any tournament angler knows, tracking catch weights for culling isn't always the easiest task: You catch a fish, get your hands wet, weigh your catch and then scramble to cleanly record it on either a flimsy laminated piece of paper or bulky white board. Or if you're lucky enough to have an electronic recorder, hastily punch in the weight and hope it doesn't glitch or get dropped in the livewell by accident. All of those struggles are gone with the Accu-Cull Weight Recorder! To record a weight, you just rotate the Weight Recorder's wheel to match the weight of your catch and place your fish in the well. Records weights up to a 100th of a pound, which can be particularly helpful when fishing tournaments on "cookie cutter" lakes, rivers, and reservoirs where small weight differences can be make or break. Records weights for up to 7 fish and is color coded to work with Accu-Cull's Culling Tags. Maximum recordable weight is 9.99 pounds, 'cause let's face it, if you're breaking 10 pounds on a fish, it's probably not getting culled.

Mounting Information

Please note that your Livewell may vary in size. Please measure for fit. Find a secure spot in your boat's livewell lid (Accu-Cull's suggestion for mounting). If your livewell lid has insulation, remove a 4 1/2 inch x 8 1/4 inch section to allow room to mount its cradle securely to the lid. Take the cradle and apply the 1 inch VHB tape to four individual spots on the cradle. Peeling off one side of the tape. Apply to the cradle and once set, peel off the backside and apply to the clean and flat dry area of livewell. Allow 24 hours for it to 100% set up.

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Tommy Engle
An awesome tournament must have

I have been looking for something like this for a long time. It makes culling your catch very accurate. It takes the guess work out of culling your catch

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