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At Discount Tackle, we believe quality products shouldn't always go hand in hand with expensive prices. We have decided to break the industry quo and offer some of the best deals off retail prices for top brands. To help us spread the word and share the deals, we have started an AmBASSador program. We partner with the everyday angler who loves creating badass content and work with them to let the world know about our low prices.

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Tyler Long (hooksets.arefree)

Join me as I learn and get better at bass fishing. I've been a coach and tutor for most of my adult life, and I have a passion for both teaching and learning. This channel will house mostly introductory and educational content, like how to rig soft plastic baits, how to fish different techniques and lures, how to tie knots for bass fishing, lure selection for weather and seasons, reviews for new and popular lures, top 5 baits for individual categories, tackle unboxing videos, how to buy discounted/clearance fishing equipment, etc.

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Ethan Dhuyvetter (Online Outdoorsman)

My name is Ethan, known on here as Online Outdoorsman. I love fishing, both in my kayak and from bank! Not only do I love making entertaining fishing videos... I also like providing information and tips. But I don't only like fishing; I love the total outdoors in general. Actually, that's the reason I make videos. My goal is to inspire a love for the outdoors. Why do I have that goal? Because I believe that not only is conservation super important, but spending time outside is incredibly rewarding and I'd like to see more people do it. So if you believe that with me, I hope you'll follow along in my online adventures!

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Warren Evans

Warren Evans (WAE of Fishing)

My name is Warren Evans but to all my friends online I am “WAE” from WAEofFishing. I was born to fish for many things in many ways. The inshore salt waters of the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean to the swamps and lakes of Virginia, I chase it all! I spent 13 years tournament fishing and chasing little green fish is truly where my heart belongs. I affectionately call my YouTube channel a “Multi species bass channel” to sum it all up. My goal is to share my knowledge and experiences in and around the water to help others enjoy the lifestyle I hold so dear. Whether from a kayak, Jon boat or shore, I try to educate and make content for everyone. Join my growing group of friends as we share the life of a fisherman in all aspects!

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Jimmy Ly - rawrfishing

Jimmy Ly (raWr Fishing)

Jimmy Ly is a passionate angler who loves to share his knowledge, experience and adventures through his social media platforms. Being a believer that an elephant would eat itself full on peanuts, Jimmy prefers to utilize finesse tactics to target different species of fish. He targets his favorite species in his local waterways by land, kayak or even wading! Being technique driven, Jimmy showcases skills and many different tackle in his adventures! So make sure you check him out to see what are the hottest lures to get that tug! He even targets the infamous Northern Snakehead that have taken residence in the East Coast! #thefishdontwait

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Discount Tackle Brand AmBASSador Ron Jones

Ron Jones (Kayak Fishing Addict)

Let’s face it, kayak fishing, like all it's other forms, is addictive!  My name is Ron. I was bit by the kayak fishing bug and I’ve been addicted ever since.  There’s nothing like getting out on the water, tossing in a line, and feeling that tug on the other end.  From that moment on it’s, “fish on, fish on!”  I share kayak fishing catches, tips, and tricks to entertain, inform, and help you put more fish in the boat!  Follow me and come along for the ride!

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