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Free Shipping on USA Orders Over $59

Rebel Lures

Rebel is a classic American lure company that helped popularize hard plastic lures for bass and other small freshwater species including trout, walleye, and panfish. Founded in Arkansas in the '60s, Rebel grew quickly after the release of one of the first hard plastic floating minnows, the F10 Minnow.

In the ‘70s Rebel continued to bolster their reputation as an innovative plastic lure maker with the release of one of the first mass-market topwater poppers for bass and other light-to-moderate freshwater species, the Rebel Pop-R and Rebel Super Pop-R. In the '80s this legacy was further expanded with their Wee Crawfish series of crawfish-shaped crankbaits and Crickhopper series of cricket-imitating ultralight wake and crankbaits. Great lures for pond, creek, and stream fishing there is sure to be a Rebel Lure for you!