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Megabass V9 Double Willow Spinnerbait

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  • The Megabass V9 is a double willow spinnerbait constructed using sensitive but tough, high-end components for the ultimate spinnerbait presentation.
  • Tracks true and recovers quickly from deflections.
  • Chidori-style willow blades power higher RPM even at slow speeds.
  • Shaped wire transmits blade vibration throughout bait and skirt with vigor.
  • Available in 3 weights (3/8, 1/2, and 5/8 ounce) and 8 colors.

The Megabass V9 is a double willow spinnerbait constructed using sensitive but tough, high-end components for the ultimate spinnerbait presentation. One of Megabass' very first products in the mid-80's was an innovative new spinnerbait called the V-FLAT, featuring a deceptively simple "V" shaped keel-weighted design. Through decades of refinement, the V9 represents the 9th iteration of that original concept, built specifically for high-speed blade rotation at slower retrieves, resulting in unrivaled performance. The V9's custom blades are more of a teardrop than a traditional willow, generating water resistance that powers higher RPMs even at slower retrieve speeds. This means more flash and vibration with every handle-turn, dialing up the V9's appeal to target fish. Carefully shaped wire transmits this vibration to the hydrodynamically-designed head and responsive skirt design, creating an enticing movement that draws vicious strikes.

Grounded by its keel-weighted design, the V9 tracks true and recovers quickly from deflections, allowing peak performance at varying retrieve speeds* Skirt fibers are hand-tied to a wide-diameter neck, giving each strand more room to breathe and allowing for responsive and dynamic movement.

*Note: the V9 is designed specifically for higher blade-rotation at medium-fast to slow retrieve speeds. At very high retrieve speeds the V9 will rise in the water column. Please experiment to find your optimal retrieve range with each gear ratio.*

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CA Proposition 65 WARNING
Proposition 65
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
Ayu / 1/2 oz
Ayu / 3/8 oz
Ayu / 5/8 oz
Blue Gill / 1/2 oz
Blue Gill / 3/8 oz
Blue Gill / 5/8 oz
Chartreuse Shiner / 1/2 oz
Chartreuse Shiner / 3/8 oz
Chartreuse Shiner / 5/8 oz
Fire Shad / 1/2 oz
Fire Shad / 3/8 oz
Hasu / 1/2 oz
Hasu / 3/8 oz
Kohoku Reaction / 1/2 oz
Kohoku Reaction / 3/8 oz
Pearl Shad / 1/2 oz
Pearl Shad / 3/8 oz
Wakasagi / 3/8 oz
Hasu / 5/8 oz
Pearl Shad / 5/8 oz
Wakasagi / 1/2 oz
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This spinner is solid i have owned a lot in the past. I wasnt expecting the performance surprised i was. Would and have recommended this to my fishin buddies

Megabass just gets bit...

Added this V9 to a growing list of Megabass baits, from jerks to swimbaits and just the same, it gets bit. Can’t burn this one as fast as some others, but with a paddletail trailer bass just hammer it. Smallmouth seem to like it the best.

Iffy Bait

Wire is a little thin and requires a lot of adjustments to swim true. Not what I would expect from Megabass and the price. Does catch bass. Have to keep bending and adjusting after catching bass. Blades are a little cheap too, tarnish and peel after a few times out. Probably just replace blades if it gets worse.

Getting them to react

Fishing stained water and needing a little more vibration to draw those big bites? Try the Megabass V9, you can still move it fast enough to get those lethargic fish to react without getting the lift like you would with a colorado blade. It took a so so day and turned it into a great one!!

# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Ayu / 1/2 oz03894100554513473391712
Ayu / 3/8 oz03893100554513473391637
Ayu / 5/8 oz04000310814513473400551
Blue Gill / 1/2 oz03894101584513473391736
Blue Gill / 3/8 oz03893101584513473391651
Blue Gill / 5/8 oz04000310834513473400575
Chartreuse Shiner / 1/2 oz03894113694513473391705
Chartreuse Shiner / 3/8 oz03893295004513473391620
Chartreuse Shiner / 5/8 oz04000310804513473400544
Fire Shad / 1/2 oz03894113704513473391750
Fire Shad / 3/8 oz03893113704513473391675
Hasu / 1/2 oz03894100604513473391729
Hasu / 3/8 oz03893100604513473391644
Hasu / 5/8 oz04000310824513473400568
Kohoku Reaction / 1/2 oz03894100474513473391767
Kohoku Reaction / 3/8 oz03893100474513473391682
Pearl Shad / 1/2 oz03894104684513473391699
Pearl Shad / 3/8 oz03893104684513473391613
Pearl Shad / 5/8 oz04000310794513473400537
Wakasagi / 1/2 oz03894100294513473391743
Wakasagi / 3/8 oz03893100294513473391668