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Free Shipping on USA Orders Over $59

Berkley CullShad Swimbaits

The Berkley PowerBait® CullShad is an innovative swim-bait specifically engineered for shallow water fishing!

With its large profile and enhanced durability, this bait takes swim-baiting to new heights. One of its standout features is the patent pending PowerBait® Honey Comb Technology, which delivers increased durability without compromising the bait's excellent action. Anglers can enjoy precise depth control thanks to the Smart Weighting Options that allow for easy adjustment using nail weights. Whether you prefer slow or medium high speeds, the CullShad runs true without blowout, ensuring a consistent and enticing presentation.

To further enhance its versatility and convenience, the CullShad comes pre-rigged with a harness and features a sticky sharp Fusion19™ treble hook, guaranteeing hassle-free setup and reliable hooking capabilities. With the Berkley PowerBait® CullShad, you can confidently cast after cast, knowing you have the advantage of a high-performance bait designed to elevate your fishing experience.