Z-Man Largemouth Bass Essentials Kit

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In Stock - Ships Today

This Z-Man Largemouth Bass Essentials Kit includes the most popular items for fishing for largemouth bass. It includes baits and the hooks to rig them along with a binder for storing them.

We make it easy to be prepared for a day of slaying bass. This also makes a perfect gift for any bass angler.

Products Included Quantity
Z-Man Finesse TRD (The Real Deal) 8 pack 1
Z-Man Finesse TRD (The Real Deal) 8 pack 1
Z-Man TRD SpinZ Tail Spinners 3 pack 1
Z-Man Power Finesse ShroomZ Jigheads 3 pack - 1/10 oz 1
Z-Man Power Finesse ShroomZ Jigheads 3 pack - 1/6 oz 1
Z-Man Evergreen Jack Hammer ChatterBait 3/8 oz. 1
Z-Man Finesse Big TRD (The Real Deal) 6 pack 1
Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ 4 inch Soft Paddle Tail Swimbait 5 pack 1
Z-Man TRD CrawZ 2 1/2 inch Soft Plastic Craw 6 pack 1
Z-Man Finesse BulletZ Jig Head 3 pack 1
Z-Man RaZor ShadZ 4 1/2 inch Soft Jerkbait 4 pack 1
Z-Man Standard Bait BinderZ 1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jeremy Gilliam
Z-Man Bait Binderz-Doublewide

Was looking for something big enough to hold all my Z-Man products, and man did I find it. This Binder is way bigger than I expected. I love it.

Jimmy Faulk
Everything New

The soft plastic binder is a dream come true. I couldn’t figure out how to store my plastics. The kit is full of everything new that I have wanted to try. The colors are perfect and everything goes together. What a great kit.

Alan Gill
Z-Man Diezel

ordered the z-man diezel minnow in the Purple Death color. This has been a very hard color to find in stock anywhere. Glad to find it in stock at Discount Tackle, at a great price,
item was shipped and received in 2 days. Can';t wait to get back out on the water and try out the Purple Death Diezel minnow on the Bass, I am sure it will be a winner and just a successful as their other colors I have used.

Pat C
The Best Paddletails Around

Last week I was fishing for Fluke in a back bay in skinny water. I started using a typical Fluke rig, and after 2 hours of getting skunked I was about to call it a day. I decided to through on a Z-Man paddletail on a 1/8 oz weighted hook. In a half hour, I left with the limit. Not only does it swim like a dream through the water. The material it’s made from holds up to pinfish amazingly well, and I couldn’t believe the stretch it had while pulling it over the weighted part of the hook. For me, there are now no other soft plastic baits that will take up space in my bag, Z-Man is the only soft plastic bait I carry.

Jerry Mathis
Zman success

I have used Zman jigs and bait with great success--best ever on my lake for largemouth. Sometimes the 2 3/4 inch elaztech work best and sometimes the 4 inch work best. But always one or the other gets me bass. My favorite is the canada craw or the Mudbug . Darker works better on my lake. More natural I guess. Perhaps my very favorite thing about Zman fishing is that it gives me a chance to use "various techniques" working the Zman to win against those wary bass. Gives me a sense of personal success. So much better fun and satisfaction than boring crank baits , buzz baits etc. Zman fishing is just plain fun! Also hats off to discount tackle. Order response, accuracy, and shipping on time or even before expected is just great! Jerry L Mathis

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