Strike King Tour Grade Bladed Titanium Umbrella Rig

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  • The Strike King Tour Grade Bladed Titanium Umbrella Rig is a 5 arm umbrella rig (aka Alabama rig or A-rig).
  • Five arms made from titanium wire, eliminating kinks, breakage, and metal fatigue common with some steel wire rigs.
  • Middle wire is 6 inches long, outer wires are 4 inches.
  • Swivel built into the head, pre-rigged with premium clamps and hardware.
  • Blue Gizzard Shad color finish with 3D eye on the head, silver Willow blades.

The Strike King Tour Grade Bladed Titanium Umbrella Rig is a wire umbrella rig (aka Alabama rig or A-rig). This wire rig easily enables you to imitate a school of baitfish with its versatile rigging system. Instead of being constructed from steel, like most umbrella rigs, this Tour Grade model consists of five arms made from titanium wire, eliminating the kinks, breakage, and metal fatigue common with some steel wire rigs. The thin, flexible, and strong titanium wire enables increased pulsing action of the lures for better, more realistic swimming action and more strikes.

The life-like head with 3D eyes also features an internal swivel to prevent line twist. It can be rigged with an wide variety of lures, so you'll want to experiment with various swimbaits and jigheads. Some favorites are: Strike Squadron Swimbait Jigheads, Lazer TroKar Swimbait Jigheads, or Owner InShore Slam Heads rigged with Strike King Shadalicious Swimbaits, Strike King Rage Swimmers, Keitech Swing Impacts, or YUM Money Minnows. Be sure to try to match the size of the local forage and to choose jighead weights that will get you down to the desired depth.

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Melissa Cox
Best umb rig .......

Recently purchased the Strike King tour grade titanium umb rig for a big open tournament on a local lake that is well known for its huge shad population its one of those lakes that in the summer just getting a bite is a huge obstacle and i fish a tournament every week between NC.SC.GA.&VA so i know that its just not the time of year go be chunking a big A-rig with water tempts in the highest ranges we see all year and on top of that its a cooling lake for a huge power plant so they average a little higher than normal lakes we fish. Luckily i was able to pre fish 2 days before i found a few deep points where fish were schooling a month ago but on bait about a inch long and its hard to match that hatch but soon as we pulled up on a big secondary point my son noticed a big group of shad sprinkle the top and a few bass came up on em i had a umb rig ive been throwing for years and it just didnt produce i tied on the Strike King umb rig with igs smaller profile and my 3rd cast was 4lbs 3oz and caughf 2 more 3lbs or better i loaded up fished it this past Saturday weighed in 24lbs 3 oz for 2nd place and big fish with a 6lbs 13oz out of 103 boats ind lost 1st by 4oz and had him beside the boat this is a awesome umb rig Strike King figured out the perfect materials to make it lighter and stronger and a much smaller profile it really catches fish even when most would say it not supposed to.. Big Thanks to Dicounttackle your the best!!!! We just need to find out whats going on with ZOOM 😂 really need some special trick worms

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