Seaguar TactX Camo Braid

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  • Seaguar TactX Camo Braid is a new precision-casting, 4 strand camo braided line from Seaguar. Also comes with a 5 yard section of matched fluorocarbon leader for added stealth.
  • TactX is randomly camo colored, which actually makes it less visible underwater. Tie the fluorocarbon leader to the TactX braid and then to your lure to keep your presentation as natural as possible.
  • Round and rough texture to help cut through vegetation and add durability. It's firm, round profile casts better and reduces wind knots.
  • Strong, Castable and Abrasion Resistant, this line is great for fishing vegetation as well as a solid performer for bank anglers. Great knot and tensile strength.
  • Several pound test options available in a 150 and 300 yard spool options. 5 yard fluoro leader matched to braid on diameter. Seaguar quality at a budget-friendly price.

Performance features make Seaguar TactX Camo Braid a perfect choice for everyday anglers. Seaguar TactX is engineered to maintain its perfectly round shape and stay firm to minimize rod tip wrapping and wind knots. It packs tightly on your reel without cutting into itself to help reduce backlashes too. This is an all around braid that combines excellent castability, abrasion resistance and overall strength with a "pebble" texture to add durability and help it cut through vegetation. It's woven from multi-color earth-tone strands that are heat-set for better color retention and to create a natural camo color that reduces line visibility.

10 lb TactX Camo Braid comes with 6 lb Fluorocarbon 5 yd Leader
15 lb TactX Camo Braid comes with 8 lb Fluorocarbon 5 yd Leader
20 lb TactX Camo Braid comes with 10 lb Fluorocarbon 5 yd Leader
30 lb TactX Camo Braid comes with 12 lb Fluorocarbon 5 yd Leader
40 lb TactX Camo Braid comes with 15 lb Fluorocarbon 5 yd Leader
50 lb TactX Camo Braid comes with 20 lb Fluorocarbon 5 yd Leader
65 lb TactX Camo Braid comes with 20 lb Fluorocarbon 5 yd Leader
80 lb TactX Camo Braid comes with 25 lb Fluorocarbon 5 yd Leader

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great braid!

I decided to purchase 3 spools of this braid (15# test) with the included flourocarbon leader (8#) for a couple of my spinning outfits and one baitcaster setup. I was curious if there would be any noticeable difference over straight mono or flouro setups. Right away, I could cast this braid a LOT further! I used an Alberto knot to connect the braid to flouro and it slides right through the guides no problem. I caught a half-dozen Largemouth and the line (and knot!) performed flawlessly. I may have to convert more of my spnning and baitcast rigs this way!

AL Angarita
Nice and smooth

I am using this line on my bait casting setup it’s working well strong line and smooth operation I recommend.

Charles Fort

Easy to work with and remains securely tied as opposed to some old style monofilament. Smooth movement and light casting. Does not
snag up in the open reel and easily works around obstacles with the flip of a wrist. Strong enough to withstand yanking the lure free from lily pads and grass.

Matt Hyman
Great all around line

This stuff is strong. And so far hasn't faded. Great line so far!

# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
10 pound / 150 yards10TCX150645879118441
10 pound / 300 yards10TCX300645879118601
15 pound / 150 yards15TCX150645879118458
15 pound / 300 yards15TCX300645879118618
20 pound / 150 yards20TCX150645879118465
20 pound / 300 yards20TCX300645879118625
30 pound / 150 yards30TCX150645879118472
30 pound / 300 yards30TCX300645879118632
40 pound / 150 yards40TCX150645879118489
40 pound / 300 yards40TCX300645879118649
50 pound / 150 yards50TCX150645879118496
50 pound / 300 yards50TCX300645879118656
65 pound / 150 yards65TCX150645879118502
65 pound / 300 yards65TCX300645879118663
80 pound / 150 yards80TCX150645879118519
80 pound / 300 yards80TCX300645879118670