Rapala Precision Line Scissors

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Developed specifically for cutting through the toughest micro braided lines, the Rapala Precision Line Scissors employ a spring-loaded design that makes for seamless, single-handed operation. Offset for tight, precise cuts, the Rapala Precision Line Scissors make quick work of heavy-duty braid, monofilament, and fluorocarbon. Built to last, the Rapala Precision Line Scissors' blades are made using German stainless steel and covered with a titanium coating that extends the life of the scissors. Complete with a sliding lock for increased safety, the Rapala Precision Line Scissors offer a top-of-the-line construction that makes slicing through tough braid a breeze. Traditional scissors just don't cut it when you are using superlines. Rapala Precision Line Scissors are a must have for any serious fishing enthusiast.


  • The Rapala Precision Line Scissors can cut through braided line, monofilament, and fluorocarbon line with ease
  • Features stainless steel and titanium coated blades for long life and durability
  • Spring loaded for single handed operation
  • Comes with a blade lock to keep you safe and your blades sharp
  • Stands up to the wear and tear of cutting through super durable micro lines
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