P-Line CX Premium Clear Fluorescent Co-Polymer Fishing Line

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P-Line CX Premium Fluorocarbon Coated Line is innovative fluorocarbon coated co-polymer fishing line. Combining copolymer and fluorocarbon technologies with low memory and improved limpness, CX Premium eliminates the line management difficulties of a spinning reel, and improves casting distance when using a baitcasting reel. The fluorocarbon-silicone coating prevents water absorption, so frigid water and weather have little effect on line performance. With as much as 30% less stretch than average lines, it has increased sensitivity to detect and react to even the most subtle strikes.

In particular, CX Premium Clear Fluorescent makes great line for river fishing steelhead and salmon in the Pacific Northwest, as the line virtually disappears under water, yet is still extremely visible out of the water. This out-of-water visibility is important because line drift is common in steelhead/salmon fisheries and being able to better see the line allows you to optimally position your boat more easily.

Pound Test Kilogram Test Filler Spool (F) Quarter Lb Spool (Q)
4 1.8 300 yards 1000 yards
6 2.7 300 yards 1000 yards
8 3.6 300 yards 1000 yards
10 4.5 300 yards 1000 yards
12 5.5 300 yards 1000 yards
15 7 300 yards 1000 yards
20 9 300 yards 1000 yards




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CA Proposition 65 WARNING
Proposition 65
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Customer Reviews

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Best Crappie line "ever"

I've been using PLine since my older brother told me about it a few years ago. It is strong, yet sensitive. Very low memory, easy to cast, and the clear fluorescent is basically invisible to the fish(and great for night fishing with a black light).
PLine CX Premium is my go to line every time out.

Great line

I keep trying other line but always come back to CX Premium. Small diameter and very strong. Sometimes I think I could pull a small car out of the water with it. Thanks to Discount Tackle for getting my order to me so fast.

P-Line CX is not just a great Budget priced line it's a outstanding line PERIOD!

I've been using P-line CX for many years now and it's an outstanding line when it comes to price, durability and cast-ability. I use it for both heavy cover and open water situations and it hasn't failed me yet. I trust it for weekend angling and when the money is on the line in a tournament. Great price and service here on Discount tackle too!

Good on bait casters

I dont like it on spinning reels, but for baitcasters its good. Fluoro coating is tough and it limits line stretch for better sensitivitey.

The best bang for your buck!

I discovered this line when I started night fishing. All the other fluorocarbon lines were too much for my budget, but this became a great alternative. It's fluorocarbon coated and it's more flexible. It works like a dream and the variety of fish I've caught with it is insane.

# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
4 pound - 300 yardsCXFFL-4015789300418
4 pound - 1000 yardsCXQFL-4015789300616
6 pound - 300 yardsCXFFL-6015789300425
6 pound - 1000 yardsCXQFL-6015789300623
8 pound - 300 yardsCXFFL-8015789300432
8 pound - 1000 yardsCXQFL-8015789300630
10 pound - 300 yardsCXFFL-10015789300449
10 pound - 1000 yardsCXQFL-10015789300647
12 pound - 300 yardsCXFFL-12015789300456
12 pound - 1000 yardsCXQFL-12015789300654
15 pound - 300 yardsCXFFL-15015789300463
15 pound - 1000 yardsCXQFL-15015789300661
20 pound - 300 yardsCXFFL-20015789300470
20 pound - 1000 yardsCXQFL-20015789300678