Owner HyperWire Stainless Steel Split Rings

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  • The Owner HyperWire Stainless Steel Split Rings are a great way to strengthen the connection between you and your terminal tackle.
  • Made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Quick to spring back after opening.
  • A must-have on big swimbaits and perfect for replacing old, rusted or flimsy rings.
  • Available in 10 sizes.

Strong hook-to-lure connections guarantee a better strike-to-catch ratio, and that's why Owner HyperWire Stainless Steel Split Rings are a must for any serious angler! Improve any lure with these high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel split rings from Owner. In addition to their unmatched strength and durability, these ring are also quick to "spring-back" after opening for easy installation.

Overall, HyperWire Split Rings are a must for big bass, pike, and musky swimbaits or any other lure used to catch monster fish, both on-shore and off. Replace your old, flimsy, or rusty rings and opt for heavy-duty perfection with the Owner HyperWire Stainless Steel Split Rings.

Available in 10 sizes/pound test strengths.

    Size Pound Test (lbs.) Inside Diameter (millimeters) Inside Diameter (inches) Outside Diameter (millimeters) Outside Diameter (inches) Pack Quantity
    #2 37 4 0.157 5 0.197 16
    #3 45 4.5 0.177 6 0.236 14
    #4 50 5 0.197 7 0.276 10
    #5 60 5.5 0.217 7.5 0.295 10
    #6 70 6 0.236 8 0.315 8
    #7 80 7 0.276 9 0.354 7
    #8 120 8 0.315 11 0.433 7
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    CA Proposition 65 WARNING
    Proposition 65
     WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Highest Quality Split Rings I've Used

    What can be said about these split rings that hasn't been said already? These split rings are the strongest I've ever used, and though they are more expensive than other styles, they last a very long time. I always save these rings and re-use them when my cranks are no longer usable. They don't bend out, and they snap right back into place every time you change the hooks on them. Given their durability, the premium cost isn't too bad because of the years of use you can get from them. Highly encourage others to make the switch to Owner Hyperwires from DiscountTackle.com if you want fast and accurate service!

    Randy Paine
    The Best

    when you need to switch out your hooks they are the best out there won't bend out on big fish

    Frank Domino
    Owner snap rings

    These S/S snap rings are the best I have never had one straighten out by any size fish.


    I used to go with eagle claw, and spro (i love their other stuff). But when I was introduced to the Owner line I was incredibly satisfied. Used em now for 2 years and don't have a complaint about them. Except maybe they need to make a few zillion more lol.

    Alejandro Hernandez
    The best one

    One of the best split rings you can buy in the market. I wish they come in a bigger quantity option.

    # Part Numbers

    Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
    Size 11 - 250 pound - 5 pack5196-114054831094875
    Size 10 - 220 pound - 6 pack5196-104054831094868
    Size 9 - 170 pound - 6 pack5196-094054831094851
    Size 8 - 120 pound - 7 pack5196-084054831094844
    Size 7 - 80 pound - 7 pack5196-074054831094837
    Size 6 - 70 pound - 8 pack5196-064054831094820
    Size 5 - 60 pound - 10 pack5196-054054831094813
    Size 4 - 50 pound - 10 pack5196-044054831094806
    Size 3 - 45 pound - 14 pack5196-031054831095735
    Size 2 - 37 pound - 16 pack5196-021054831095728