Lunkerhunt Swim Fish 4 inch Paddle Tail Swimbait Combo

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  • The Lunkerhunt Swim Combo is a 4 inch paddle tail swimbait/swimbait jighead combo.
  • Swim Fish swimbaits have ribbed bodies and paddle tails.
  • Custom Swim Heads boxing glove design significantly reduces snagging.
  • Simple and effective tool for covering water and triggering strikes.
  • Available in 6 color combinations.

The Lunkerhunt Swim Combo is a 3 1/2 inch paddle tail swimbait and 1/4 ounce swimbait jighead combo (4 inches when put together) featuring Lunkerhunt Custom Swim Heads and Swim Fish. Both the swimbaits and heads have been uniquely engineered and paired together to cover the entire water column in an efficient manner.

The engineering and design of the Custom Swim Heads reduces snagging when covering water. Anglers can play with retrieve speeds to control the depth of their bait while covering a wide range of fishing conditions. Open water, weed edges, grass, pads, timber laydowns, and open water can all be covered effectively using the Lunkerhunt Custom Combo Swim Jigs combined with Swim Fish swim baits. Available in 6 color combinations.

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Jason Medeiros

I was really excited o try these especially at he price but when I used them a couple days ago, i didn't seem to get much action out of them and i live in phoenix,AZ. They are a bit stiffer I guess so I'm pretty bummed about the swim bait aspect.

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Hot Rod w/ Chartreuse BodyCCSM03628853770033
Lucky 7 w/ Chartreuse BodyCCSM04628853770040
Pinstripe w/ Black Body Blue FleckCCSM05628853770057
Red Wings Head w/ White BodyCCSM02628853770026
Silver Wing w/ White Body Silver FleckCCSM06628853770064
Skull Head w/ Black BodyCCSM01628853770019