Huk Waypoint Tech Hoodie

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  • The Huk Waypoint Hoodie is a tech hoodie made from recycled plastic to keep you cool while fishing.
  • Recycled plastic is woven into threads that, when woven into the Huk Waypoint Tech Hoodie, create airflow to keep you cool.
  • 50+ UPF
  • Keep covered in style, protection from the sun.
  • Check out the sizes and colors

The Huk Waypoint Hoodie is a must-have for your days on the water. Made from recycled plastic bottles, we have created our softest and lightest fabric yet, while keeping plastic out of the waterways. The bottles are cleaned, crushed, melted and stretched into fibers that are woven into yarns. This then becomes a durable fabric that features 50+ UPF rating to keep you protected from the sun. The Waypoint Collection: Protect the Water. Protect your Skin.

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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
Beach Glass / SmallH1200448-339-S0190840332536
Beach Glass / MediumH1200448-339-M0190840332543
Beach Glass / LargeH1200448-339-L0190840332550
Beach Glass / XlargeH1200448-339-XL0190840332567
Beach Glass / 2XLH1200448-339-XXL0190840332574
Beach Glass / 3XLH1200448-339-XXXL0190840332581
Blue Fog / SmallH1200448-473-S0190840332291
Blue Fog / MediumH1200448-473-M0190840332307
Blue Fog / LargeH1200448-473-L0190840332314
Blue Fog / XlargeH1200448-473-XL0190840332321
Blue Fog / 2XLH1200448-473-XXL0190840332338
Blue Fog / 3XLH1200448-473-XXXL0190840332345
Overcast Grey / SmallH1200448-032-S0190840332239
Overcast Grey / MediumH1200448-032-M0190840332246
Overcast Grey / LargeH1200448-032-L0190840332253
Overcast Grey / XlargeH1200448-032-XL0190840332260
Overcast Grey / 2XLH1200448-032-XXL0190840332277
Overcast Grey / 3XLH1200448-032-XXXL0190840332284
Oyster / SmallH1200448-052-S0190840332352
Oyster / MediumH1200448-052-M0190840332369
Oyster / LargeH1200448-052-L0190840332376
Oyster / XlargeH1200448-052-XL0190840332383
Oyster / 2XLH1200448-052-XXL0190840332390
Oyster / 3XLH1200448-052-XXXL0190840332406
Titanium Blue / SmallH1200448-428-S0190840332413
Titanium Blue / MediumH1200448-428-M0190840332420
Titanium Blue / LargeH1200448-428-L0190840332437
Titanium Blue / XlargeH1200448-428-XL0190840332444
Titanium Blue / 2XLH1200448-428-XXL0190840332451
Titanium Blue / 3XLH1200448-428-XXXL0190840332468