Eagle Claw Reel Oil

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As with any piece of precision equipment, fishing reels require regular maintenance to ensure optimal long-term performance and avoid warranty nullification. With Eagle Claw Reel Oil, you can easily lubricate your bearings and other machined parts of your fishing reels and keep them in tip-top operating condition. This light machine oil is safe for all types of reels and is packaged in a 7/8 ounce bottle with a thin, long nose applicator for easier application.


  • The Eagle Claw Reel Oil is an easy-to-use lubricant for reels and other light machine parts.
  • Packaged in 7/8 ounce plastic bottle.
  • Safe for all types of reels.
  • Keeps reels in top operating condition.
  • Fine tip for secure and easy application.
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