Eagle Claw Deluxe Hook Hone

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Keep your hooks sharp and always get the perfect hook set when you land a strike! The Eagle Claw Deluxe Hook Hone is a hook sharpening tool made of extra-durable, corrosion-resistant, high-carbon steel to ensure it lasts long. With double-sided honing, you get more surface area to file your hooks to the perfect sharpness. It also has a hand-fitted, molded handle to make gripping easier and more accessible at any position, making it viable for any type of hook on the market. Get the Eagle Claw Deluxe Hook Hone and sharpen your chances for the perfect hook set!


  • The Eagle Claw Deluxe Hook Hone keeps hooks sharp for better hook sets.
  • Constructed with extra-durable high carbon steel.
  • Double-sided honing for more surface area.
  • Easy grip molded handle.
  • Caters to all types of hooks.
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