Big Bite Baits Pocket Whopper Lure Retriever

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  • The Big Bite Baits Pocket Whopper is a lure retriever that frees snagged lures by knocking them loose.
  • Position yourself over the snag, drop the Pocket Whopper and knock the lure free.
  • Compact design makes it easy to store in small compartment or pocket.
  • Pre-attached snap to attach it to your line.
  • Painted bright red so it's easy to see.

The Big Bite Baits Pocket Whopper is a lure retriever that frees snagged lures by knocking them loose. With its compact and convenient design, it's made to stash in a small compartment or pocket.

To use the Big Bite Bait Pocket Whopper, simply position your boat over the snag, attach the Pocket Whopper to your line with the pre-attached snap, and let it fall down to the lure. The 4 ounce lead weight falls fast and hits the snagged bait and will often quickly free the lure after initial impact. If the initial drop does not free the lure it can also be effective to bounce your line up and down when the weight is at the lure. Much cheaper than a new lure, the Big Bite Baits Pocket Whopper is a must-have accessory for all anglers.

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Proposition 65
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brian Grigsby
Money saver

I love these. They have saved me tons of money.

Bryan Fuller
Worth it!

I fish primarily in heavy cover and have been known to lose a lure or 7 throughout the year. So far, since I've gotten this, I have not lost a single lure. Make sure to hold the rod up high to get maximum speed off the weight. Smacks into the lure and releases it. A couple times I've had to shake the line with the weight on there to get the lure free, but a 4 ounce weight helps knock the hook free when you shake it hard. Definitely going to get a few more of these in case I happen to lose one.

Stanley Sayers
Save yourself some money!

Let me start by saying if your trying to save a lure with treble hooks you’ll probably have issues and you need to use a different style lure retriever for those. However, that being said this lure retriever comes into its own with single hook lures such as spinnerbaits and jigs. I’ve saved over the last 4 years since I bought my first one well over a hundred dollars in lures I would have otherwise lost. Sure your likely to lose this plug knocker from time to time, but you’ll save more money with it than you’ll lose.

John Fravel
Pocket Whopper

Didn’t work well at all. At only 7 feet. Lost the lure and the pocket retriever...

Ron Anderson
STOP Lo$ing Bait$!

I got tired of snags collecting my lures, and ESPECIALLY tired of re-purchasing items due to something as simple as a poor cast. Don't be too proud to pick up this well-rigged weight. It will set you free! Your trapped lures anyway. This thing will pay for itself the first time you knock a lure loose and quickly retrieve it.

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