13 Fishing Kalon Blackout Spinning Reel

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For a limited time: Free 13 Fishing Hat with purchase of 13 Fishing Kalon A, Kalon Blackout, Kalon C, or Omen Gold / Kalon Blackout Finesse Spinning Combo. See details here.


  • The 13 Fishing Kalon Blackout is a stealthy, all-black reel that, like a Navy SEAL, can perform in all conditions: Ice, Freshwater and Saltwater.
  • The Kalon Blackout features a Z-Cast Drive Gear with Precision CNC Cut and Performance Drag.
  • Super smooth motion with the GLIDE oscillation system, and an Instant-Stop Anti-Reverse switch to let you fight the fish your way.
  • The Kalon Blackout's versatility is also supported by a sealed rotor, to keep salt water, sand and grime out of your components to fish where the fish are--in the salt, freshwater or even on the ice.
  • Check out the Kalon Blackout from sizes starting at the diminutive 0.5 for Ice, all the way up to 5.0 for your big inshore hogs.

The 13 Fishing Kalon Blackout is an X rated display of appeal and performance. The Kalon Blackout is an obsidian and charcoal masterpiece. Geared up with a powerful Precision CNC Cut Z Cast Drive Gear and balanced with the silky-smooth Performance Drag it is excellence in noir. It is always prepared for battle with highly reliable six ball bearing system and Sealed Rotor. Combined with our the Blackout Series Components it is one of the ultimate tools you can use to improve your success on the water.

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# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
0.5 - 5.4:1KLO-5-4-05810068290912
1.0 - 5.4:1KLO-5-4-10810068290929
2.0 - 5.2:1KLO-5-2-20810068290936
3.0 - 5.2:1KLO-5-2-30810068290943
4.0 - 5.2:1KLO-5-2-40810068290950
5.0 - 5.2:1KLO-5-2-50810068290967