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Soft Plastic Rigging Guide: Tokyo Rig

What Is It?

The Tokyo Rig is a new rigging system inspired by one of the hottest and most effective new bass fishing trends out of Japan: the leadered punch shot.

Built around a solid, one-piece ring, it features a hook, a swivel, and a short piece of wire. You tie your leader to the swivel which is attached to the one-piece ring where the hook and wire are also attached. Add your favorite weights, beads, and clackers to optimize your presentation for current conditions. For baits, you can use your favorite soft worm, craw, creature, or even soft jerkbait.

what is the Tokyo rig

How To Rig It

The simplest way to set up the Tokyo Rig is to purchase a pre-assembled rig from VMC, who offers a wide range of options including wide gap hook, worm hook, flipping hook, and finesse hook variants. While VMC has taken the lead on introducing this rig to the masses, you can easily make your own at home with the right materials. All you need is a ringed wide gap hook, sturdy wire, a weight, and a barrel swivel.

how to rig the Tokyo rig


How To Fish It

The Tokyo Rig can be fished a number of different ways: Pitch it, flip it, or cast it, this bait excels at any, and unlike a traditional dropshot rig, the wire leader doesn't collapse on itself, meaning you're free to explore the bottom all while your bait swings freely above it.


Tips & Tricks

The Most Versatile Rig Ever

How to Make the Tokyo Rig

How the Tokyo Rig Looks Underwater