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Soft Plastic Rigging Guide: Neko Rig

What Is It?

First developed among bass finesse anglers in Japan, the Neko Rig is essentially just a weighted version of a Wacky Rig with a weight inserted into just one end of the soft plastic, giving the bait a unique action as it descends through the water column and a unique "stand-up-on-the-bottom" presentation that combines features of the Wacky Rig, Ned Rig, and a shakey head jig.

what is the neko rig?

How To Rig It

To create a Neko Rig, start with a wacky rigged version of your favorite soft plastic stick bait or worm, then insert a weight such as a small metal nail, screw, or specialized lead or tungsten Neko Rig weight in the end. It's as simple as that.

By inserting a nail weight in one end, the Neko Rig falls faster with a crazy darting and gliding action. Once on the bottom, the weighted end hops along the bottom structure while the unweighted end dances around producing strike-inducing action from finicky fish.

 how to rig the neko rig

How To Fish It

When throwing the Neko Rig, cast it out and watch your line on the way down. Give the line a little shake as the bait is getting near the bottom. If the bait makes it to the bottom without getting hit, give it some easy shakes on a semi-slack line. Then let it settle back down to the bottom and repeat the process until a fish takes your presentation.

Tips & Tricks

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