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Free Shipping on USA Orders Over $59

Salmon & Steelhead Collection

Salmon, steelhead, and other ocean-run trout and salmonids are fascinating creatures. Born in freshwater in rivers and streams far from the oceans and Great Lakes they will call home for most of their lives, these species are hardwired to one day return to their birthplace to spawn the next generation and then die, sacrificing their bodies to provide nutrients for their young.

At Discount Tackle, we stock a wide range of salmon and steelhead fishing tackle that anglers in the Pacific Northwest, Great Lakes, and North Atlantic fisheries can all appreciate, including inline spinners, spoons, bait hooks, egg baits, hard baits, trolling lures, and trolling terminal tackle. Choose from top brands like Atlas-Mike's, BnR Tackle, P-LineLuhr-Jensen, Gamakatsu, Pro-Cure, Blue Fox, and more!