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Free Shipping on USA Orders Over $59

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Pike & Muskie Collection

Northern pike, pickerel, and muskellunge (aka muskie or musky) are the most common North American members of the toothy, slender esox genus of freshwater fish. Northern pike and muskie in particular are highly sought after in much of the Northern Midwest and chased by highly-dedicated anglers using somewhat specialized tackle (for trophy fish at least).

At Discount Tackle, we stock pike- and muskie-specific baits and lures like big, oversized swimbaits, large inline spinners, and magnum topwaters, crankbaits, and spinnerbaits, as well as bass fishing tackle that pulls double duty as baits for these vicious freshwater predators. Choose from top pike and muskie fishing tackle brands like Westin, Savage GearBlue Fox, Rapala, River2Sea, SPRO, and more.