Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits

Save on all Gary Yamamoto Senkos, Grubs, and more!

Started in the early '80s by Gary Yamamoto, a Japanese immigrant and Arizona campground owner with a passion for sport fishing, Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits are one of the oldest and most well respected names in fishing soft plastics. The company experienced significant growth in the '90s upon the release of the original soft stickbait, the Yamamoto Senko, as their baits quickly went from being a well-kept secret among bass fishing fanatics to one of the most iconic soft plastic baits in all of fishing.

Now the Senko is the mark by which all other soft stickbaits are measured and the term Senko has become so ingrained in the fishing lexicon that it has become eponymous with soft stickbaits in general, not just ones made by Gay Yamamoto. Makers of many year-round baits, be check out the Senko or any of the other of Gary Yamamoto's bait ASAP and see what all the fuss is about!

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