River2Sea Frog Kit Lure Accessory

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The River2Sea Frog Kit is a lure accessory kit that allows anglers to upgrade the sound and movement of any hollow body frog (or really any lure that uses a similarly positioned frog-style double hook). The Frog Kit contains 2 Frog Rattles and a Plopper Trailer.

The rattles have a Y-shaped piece of wire on the nose with eylets on the ends so you can easily install by running each hook point through the eyelets. Once installed, the rattles provide the extra commotion you need to attract fish when fishing choppy open water or heavy, matted cover.

The Plopper Trailer is exactly what it sounds like: a Whopper Plopper-style propeller tail you can attach to any frog to churn up tons of water as its pulled across the surface. Essentially, this allows you to turn any hollow body frog into a weedless Whopper Plopper, giving you all the topwater commotion you want without any of the snaggy drama that treble hooks are bound to create. Who needs an overpriced Sprinker Frog?!? You can also paint the clear Plopper to match the color of the frog itself. Grab one ASAP and up your froggin' game this summer!


  • The River2Sea Frog Kit is a lure accessory kit that allows anglers to upgrade the sound and movement of any hollow body frog
  • Contains 2 Frog Rattles and a Plopper Trailer
  • Stainless steel wire construction for durability and strength.
  • Add rattles for extra noise or a Plopper for commotion.
  • Clear chambers that can be dyed or colored to compliment any frog.
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