Maxima Clear Monofilament Leader Wheel

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  • The Maxima Clear Monofilament Leader Wheels are small leader spools of premium German monofilament.
  • Optimum suppleness that ensures wind knots are minimal yet maintaining a natural presentation.
  • Maxima's legendary tough outer finish for durability, abrasion resistance, and maximum knot strength.
  • Ideal leader material for a wide range of freshwater and saltwater fishing situations.
  • Available in break strengths ranging between 1 and 40 pounds in 27 yard spools (17 yards for 30 pound and 40 pound tests).

It's crystal clear why this line will be your next favorite! Maxima Clear Monofilament is super soft, strong and reliable line with outstanding knot strength and low memory. Sporting Maxima's hallmark high-durability outer finish, the line is made durable and abrasion-resistant with maximum knot strength. It works great as leader material in a wide range of freshwater and saltwater fishing situations, from casting and jigging to trolling and bottom fishing.

Maxima Clear Monofilament Leader Wheels are available in break strengths ranging between 1 and 40 pounds in 27 yard spools (17 yards for 30 pound and 40 pound tests).

Product Details
Pound Test Diameter (inches)
1 0.003
2 0.005
3 0.006
4 0.007
5 0.008
6 0.009
8 0.01
10 0.012
12 0.013
15 0.015
20 0.017
25 0.02
30 0.022
40 0.024
50 0.028
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Proposition 65
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Customer Reviews

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Simply the best for tying leaders

I love the George Anderson hand-tied leaders. I started tying these a few years back to learn more about leader construction and maybe save some money. Excluding all of the leaders I wasted trying this out (which wasn't really a waste as I caught some fish on them), it is definitely a bargain to tie your own with Maxima. Even though the Chameleon is advertised as stiffer, I like the feel of the Maxima clear in the butt, taper, and tippet much better. To me it just feels stiffer.

The finest material for tying leaders for floating flies

Low memory clear nylon monofilament for leader butts and transitions for floating presentations. Nylon is neutral bouyancy and responds to wax or grease type floatants to stay on top and not drag dry flies under. I use 25 pound typically for trout leader butts on 4 to 6 weight fly lines. With a nested nail knot you can drop to 15 pound test for the next section, then 8 pound followed by 2X or 3x tippets. For small flies split the tippet length and finish with 4X or 5X. If you are under 5X you are fishing size 22 flies. Lubricate the knots with fly floatant before you thighten them. Siliva is not helpful. Some people use Zap A Gap (the only waterproof Cyanoacrylic). Use pliers to tighten the knot. You do not have strong enough teeth to tighten this material.

A final section of less visible (low refraction) fluorcarbon can be added for further invisibility but I keep this to 8 inches when tying on dry flies. Subsurface nymphs can have longer fluorocarbon tippets.

# Part Numbers

Product VariantManufacturer Part #UPC
1 pound - 27 yardsMLP-1607272042761
2 pound - 27 yardsMLP-2607272042785
3 pound - 27 yardsMLP-3607272042808
4 pound - 27 yardsMLP-4607272042822
5 pound - 27 yardsMLP-5607272042846
6 pound - 27 yardsMLP-6607272042853
8 pound - 27 yardsMLP-8607272042860
10 pound - 27 yardsMLP-10607272042891
12 pound - 27 yardsMLP-12607272042907
15 pound - 27 yardsMLP-15607272042921
20 pound - 27 yardsMLP-20607272042945
25 pound - 27 yardsMLP-25607272042969
30 pound - 17 yardsMLP-30607272042976
40 pound - 17 yardsMLP-40607272042990